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booboisie n. a segment of the general public composed of uneducated, uncultured persons..

busker n. to entertain by dancing, singing, or reciting on the street or in a public place..

gam n., v. a social meeting, visit, or the like; to converse with one another for social purposes; to spend or pass (as time) talking..

irenic adj. tending to promote peace or reconciliation; peaceful or conciliatory..

nomadic adj. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of nomads..

peripatetic adj. walking or traveling about; itinerant; a person who walks or travels about..

temporal adj. pertaining to or concerned with the present life or this world; worldly..

votary n., adj. a person who is bound by solemn religious vows; an adherent of a religion or cult; a person who is devoted or addicted to some subject or pursuit..

weltanschauung n. a comprehensive conception or image of the universe and of humanity's relation to it..

zany adj., n., ludicrously or whimsically comical; clownish; one who plays the clown or fool in order to amuse others..





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