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Malay Edition

Seven Crucial Questions for Spiritual Freedom

By Machyar Gleuenta


  1. What convinced you to believe that Allah, Idols, Energy, Jesus or whatever is God?
  2. How do you know what you know (where did you get the message)?
  3. Who wrote your spiritual guidance book and how did it come into being? (if your faith based a book you read).
  4. Is it possible that the author made mistakes?
  5. How do you know that the material in its entirety within the book is God’s word (what criteria)?
  6. On scale of 1 to 10, to what degree can you prove the authenticity of stories of prophets’ lives and all events that happened during the developments of your central-spiritual-guidance book?
  7. In terms of clarity* and simplicity, how does your concept of God (Creator of the universe) compare to that of other religions/philosophies?

*The law of clarity: "If a man can’t explain what he teaches to a ten-year-old child, then he doesn’t know what he teaches."

Dear Friends:

I suspect you would agree with me that spirituality is one the most important aspects in our lives. You and I might have from time to time experienced the need to pray. Of course, each of us has different reasons why we need to pray and to whom.

I do believe that human beings are more than other life forms and am very immature when it come to spiritual part.

In my desire to seek and gain more spiritual knowledge and insight, I am hoping to learn from you. I would like to discuss 7 crucial questions.

Collectively, the 7 questions may elicit different and unique replies from each individual. Furthermore, there may be a source for reflection, introspection and enlightenment – leading and guiding us along different routes with Spiritual Freedom being our final destination.

Answer those questions as many or few as you can. You are welcome to include references on your answer sheets.

Thank you very much for your efforts to work with my inquiries. I look forward very much to hearing from you.

God bless you.








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