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Portraits of Acheh
History: Achenese struggle and hope
Nature and society
Indonesian military's brutalites
GAM and its inong balee troops
The spirit of referendum


hat can she  hope from her younger generation? The Achenese epoch had passed, she didn't get a chance to be there. During her lifetime, struggle for freedom and better life seems endlessly. She, like other Achenese, thought when she sacrificed her possessions - even jewelries to support Indonesia establishment, then she can have good things in return. But.., what is the reward from the regimes of the Archipelago after giving hearth, mind, materials and even lives to the state? Killings, rapes, tortures, kidnappings and intimidations. Many view that  the Indonesian administration and military have not been held accountable for their brutal actions and consequently act with unrestrained violence and barbarity.

      Achenese wish that the younger generation can make a difference from hundreds of years of colonization to the present time. But there is only hope from youngest generation who can fight for the truth, wisdom and freedom.


'Mr Abdurrahman's government had failed to remove the armed forces' presence in territories across Indonesia, and especially because there was no significant legal prosecution for soldiers or police found to have committed abuses.

'The methodology of solving political and social conflicts is still to use repressive measures through the armed forces.

'As long as the armed forces are used to solve these problems, you will continue to have violations.'" (Mr Asmara Nababan, The head of Indonesia's National Human Rights)



Professor Safwan Idris


The Indonesian government has not yet shown a good intent to end the conflict in Acheh with peaceful solution. More than 35.000 innocent Achenese has been killed for the sake of unity since the late 1976.
Chronology: The Murder of Professor Safwan Idris

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