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Teungku Sofyan Dawod reports from GAM-secrete-based.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun
(We came from Allah and to Him we return)
In the name of the Supreme leadership of ASNLF/GAM, the Military Spokesman of ASNLF/GAM does hereby announce the following matters:

Have passed away in martyrdom the Commander of AGAM, Teungku Abdullah Syafi'iŽ, his wife and 5 of his personal guards during an attack by the colonial forces on the village of Sarah Panyang, in the Sub-District of Jiem-Jiem, Pidie, on Tuesday 22nd January 2002 at 14H.30 Acheh Time. Confirmation was received on January 23rd 2002.

The AGAM Command Warrant is now passed to the Deputy Commander, Muzakkir Manaf, until further notice.

To all soldiers of AGAM it is hereby urged to remain in place and in full alert while awaiting for further instruction from their immediate commanders, and to always maintain their high morale.

To the people of Acheh it is hereby called to observed a 1 (one) week (7 days) national mourning covering the entire nation. During this period of
mourning the Achenese people is requested to perform a ghaib prayer and to pray for the souls of the late Teungku Abdullah Syafi'iŽ, his wife Asiah, his personal guards and the other martyrs. It is requested to the imams of meunasahs (village prayer houses) and mosques to conduct tahlilan/samadiah ceremonies during the 7 day mourning period.

It is hereby revealed also that the attacks that were launched by the TNI (Indonesian National Army) againts the AGAM Commander's base were well coordinated with the cooperation of the Indonesian Governor in Acheh, Abdullah Puteh. This fact was revealed by one of the late Teungku Abdullah
Syafi'iŽ's guards who survived the attack. He managed to save some important documents belonging to his Commander, one of which being a letter of invitation from the said Governor. After being scrutinized by our
intelligence officers, a device that looks like a microchip was found pasted in the corner of the thick envelop. It is probable that the chip is a location tracking device. It is quite clear that the invitation from Abdullah Puteh was a sort of a bait to carry out the murder.

In his life time, Commander Abdullah Syafi'iŽ was known as a very amicable and soft-spoken person. He had always told his men repeatedly to try their best never to offend the feelings of others, not only of human beings but of animals as well. About a month ago, he told his guests, other ASNLF officers who visited him at his base: "If one day you should hear of my
death, do not be sad or despair. Because I have always pray to Allah to make me a martyr when the independence of our nation is imminent, for I don't want to hold any position when Acheh is free."

Has passed on a great Commander with a noble heart. One day we too will follow him. Let's emulate his soft heart, his leadership, his charisma, and his greatness. Let's pray to Allah for him, his wife and other martyrs to be given proper places in heaven. 

There is no reason for the people of Acheh, especially the soldiers of AGAM, to lose heart. Because there are still many others behind Teungku Abdullah Syafi'iŽ to replace him after his passing. 

May we live as equal or die together wrapped in a single sheet and buried in a single grave.

Central Military Command,  Teungku Sofyan Dawod/ASNLF Military Spokesman. Email:


      Sofyan Dawod called for seven days of mourning and asked Achenese to offer prayers for Syafii and the other victims.

The Indonesian security forces have struck at the heart of the separatist rebel movement in the northern province of Acheh, killing its military commander Abdullah Syafei. Indonesia accused of treachery over Acheh rebel's killing. read detail>>