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The Dynamic of Tsunami 12/26

While in a war zone, Acheh stroked by tsunamis in the wake of the most powerful earthquake the planet has seen in history;  from the epicenter of the 9.0 magnitude quake, located about 160 kilometers (100 miles) off the coast of Acheh at a depth of about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles).


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italian man supposed to be in giakarta

From: Massimo Berruti
Category: Acheh Tsunami
Date: 01/02/05
Time: 07:11:38 -0500


We are looking for Berruti Giancarlo, Italian, born in Savona on 4 December 1941. He might be in Sumatra on 26th December. If you saw him or know where he was, please help us finding him Contact massimoberruti@yahoo.it +39-011-4704957 +39-349-8630619 Thank you, Massimo Berruti



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