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The Dynamic of Tsunami 12/26

While in a war zone, Acheh stroked by tsunamis in the wake of the most powerful earthquake the planet has seen in history;  from the epicenter of the 9.0 magnitude quake, located about 160 kilometers (100 miles) off the coast of Acheh at a depth of about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles).


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IFA Calls for Urgent Humanitarian

From: IFA
Category: Acheh Tsunami
Date: 12/28/04
Time: 17:45:47 -0500


New York December 27, 2004

Contact: Suraiya IT at (718) 505-1697 or (267) 257-7835 or Ayathaib@aol.com Lynn Fredriksson at (202) 546-0044 Fredrikson@polisci.wisc.edu

 IFA Calls for Urgent Humanitarian Aid for Aceh’s Tsunami Victims

The International Forum for Aceh (IFA) is deeply concerned about this week’s earthquake and tsunami ripped through coastal communities, devastating much of South and Southeast Asia. At ground zero, our homeland of Aceh has lost an estimated more than 10,000 lives, with countless others injured and displaced from their homes, and the numbers are still rising. Our reports indicate that upwards of two thirds of the provincial capital has been destroyed.

IFA therefore calls on the international community help the people of Aceh, to take action immediately to provide emergency relief. This effort must focus on ensuring access to clean water and food, since flood waters have contaminated both drinking water and food supplies. Humanitarian relief must also focus on emergency disease prevention measures to protect those who survived the initial disasters.

We also urge the international community to press the Government of Indonesia to allow urgently needed international agencies and non-governmental organizations unrestricted access to Aceh immediately. The victims of these disasters cannot wait.

Aceh has been sealed off from aid workers, foreign journalists and formal observer presence since martial law was imposed in May 2003, although violence has continued to escalate. In May 2004, the security status was changed to civil emergency, but foreigners, including aid workers and journalists, are still barred from Aceh except with express consent from the civil emergency authority.

Despite earthquake and tsunami, most international aid agencies are still being refused access to Aceh, while every delay contributes to further death, illness and suffering. This is not the time for politics to supersede dire humanitarian needs.

The International Forum for Aceh therefore urges the international community to call on the Government of Indonesia to open direct access to foreign media to report the reality of the devastation in Aceh, as well as aid workers to relieve it.

To the families of the victims, we send our prayers and deepest condolences.

International Forum for Aceh (IFA) 86-20 57th Road, Apt B Elmhurst, New York 11373



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