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Re-Declaration of Independence Still Prevail
A source reported that four of Indonesia military dead during anniversary. Independence activists claim Acheh has never really been a part of Indonesia. Acheh residents complain about the government siphoning off most proceeds from the province's rich oil and natural gas deposits and brutally repressing the separatist movement.
Des 06, 2003 —— The State of Acheh Address of H.E.Tengku Hasan M. di Tiro Head of State of Acheh On the occasion of the 27th Anniversary of The Re-Declaration of Independence of Acheh December 4, 1976 – December 4, 2003.





'They have had to acknowledge that they have failed to realize their objective to crush our military and popular defense front. Indeed, this is a great victory for the people that we all can be proud of.'













Landmark Agreement



  My beloved people of Acheh, Assalamu’alaikum!

oday, December 4, 2003, we celebrate the 27th year of our proclamation to the world of the independence of the Achenese people from the yoke of Indonesian colonialism. Last November 19th, we passed the 6th month mark of the Indonesian colonial regime’s imposition of its Martial Law on our country that coincided with its launching of the biggest ever military aggression in the history of Acheh.

This evil action was undertaken by the Indonesian neo-colonialist regime after they sabotaged the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA) in the Joint Council (JC) meeting in Tokyo on May 17-18 2003. We recall how on May 19, Indonesian political and military leaders arrogantly drumming their assurances that they would crush the Free Acheh Movement (GAM) and our Acheh National Armed Forces (TNA) within less than 6 months. Then they presented the scenario of a massive attack by 50,000 additional troops comprising of all their prided elite military and police (TNI/POLRI) assault forces deploying the most modern land, sea and air weaponry they had in their arsenal.

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Exxon & its "brutal military campaign" against Achenese


After continuously attacking our TNA fighters for 6 months, they have had to acknowledge that they have failed to realize their objective to crush our military and popular defense front. Indeed, this is a great victory for the people that we all can be proud of. The fighting spirit that we inherited from our forefathers, the capability and capacity to sacrifice of our TNA fighters with all the popular support, proved to be mightier than the combined TNI/Polri forces. At this moment of triumph, we cannot but remember the words of the Dutch MP, Ijzerman, in a parliamentary debate on Acheh in the Dutch Parliament on 5-6 November 1907: "The Achenese have a brilliant history and tradition as an independent nation. Their enemies may be able to kill their Sultan or leaders, but their Nation and Government will remain intact".

On this occasion We call on all the people of Acheh to be mindful of the evil efforts of the Indonesian leaders to try to break our unity. In this attempt, they are using the services of a few Achenese who seem to be pleased to be their collaborators or members of their band of traitors. We take this opportunity to remind these groups to reconsider their stance, if they are really happy to be traitors to their own people or choose to be proud patriots of their nation. We call on every member of TNA and all the people of Acheh to pray and to continue our sacred struggle against the tyrannic and cruel Indonesian colonial regime until independence is achieved.

Nasrun minallaahi wa fathun qariib!

Wassalam, Merdeka!

Hudép beusaré, maté beusadjan

Sikrèk gaphan, saboh keureunda.

Tengku Hasan M.di Tiro Wali Negara Acheh


Spokesman of the Free Acheh Movement to Call All People of Acheh

n the name and on behalf of the Commander-in-chief of the Acheh National Armed Forces (TNA), Muzakkir Manaf, we, the Military Spokesman of the TNA Central Command, proudly wish Happy 27th Anniversary of the Re-Declaration of Independence of Acheh on December 4, 1976- December 4, 2003, to every brave and valiant member of TNA and to all our beloved people of Acheh.

We also wish to present the 4th December Order of the Day of the TNA Commander-in-Chief, Muzakkir Manaf, to every member of TNA, to remain ready and alert and to maintain discipline in performing the duty of defending our nation and people. Please celebrate this happy day with a full awareness of the prevailing reality and to act accordingly.

To all the people of Acheh we forward the call of our Commande-in-Chief, Muzakkir Manaf, to remain alert and maintain national unity and not to be provoked by enemy actions, especially those made through collaborators and traitors. Celebrate this happy day with full awareness of the prevailing reality and not to let themselves be made victims by the brutality of the uncivilized enemy that do not have any human compassion at all.

In general, the TNA Commander-in-chief wishes to state that the TNA is proud of the popular support that it has, that has made it able to achieve the victory against the enemies Martial Law 1 aggression and to withstand and defeat the continuous assaults launched by the very large number of the enemy forces, fully equipped with all sorts of weaponry. God-willing, the TNA will repeat this success in facing the Martial Law 2 aggression that has just been launched by the enemy.

The TNA Commander-in-chief takes this opportunity to repeat the commitment of the TNA to adhere fully to the policy of the Civilian Government of the State of Acheh in carrying out its duties.


For more information on this report, please contact Free Acheh Movement: Tel: +46 (0) 8 531 83833, +46 (0) 8 531 91275, +46 (0) 70 699 3982. Sofyan Dawod; Spokesman:



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