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The whole of the province of Acheh records 27 deaths in first 10 days of November 1 to 10 and attributes 120 deaths in October to the military. Teuku Kamarazzaman, the main GAM negotiator for the peace deal, stated that the police themselves, they use their weapons to attack GAM. The Indonesian military have used the TNA's peace offer to resume operations. They use the chance of a ceasefire to attack the GAM base ... on our part we want peace, then they start attacking us. It is a double standard, two-faced.
Grand meeting to enable chain of command
PASE, Jan 20, 2003 —— ASNLF's Central Military Command conducted a week long grand meeting in Pase on Dec 30, 2002 - Jan 5, 2003 attended by 2143 people from throughout Acheh. All wilayah (states) military commanders and their staff attended the meeting. The workshop was outlined in two emphasizes: ASNLF's military discussion and ASNLF's civil government empowerment.

By ASNLF's Central Military Command




'Stay alert and combat ready. For this purpose, the workshop has been able to reshape and streamline the structure of TNA to enable its chain of command to flowing better.'





Landmark Agreement






'Judicial system will be established from district level up to national and chaired by an assembly of law experts.'


HE RESULTS were, the military-known as TNA, will start to adjust its functions to suit to the Geneva Peace Pact. In the near future, when the situation is conducive, TNA is expected to transform its combat roles into non-military tasks to help Achenese people resume their normal lives and rebuild after decades of brutal suppression and destruction by RI.

Meanwhile, TNA must also stay alert and combat ready. For this purpose, the workshop has been able to reshape and streamline the structure of TNA to enable its chain of command to flowing better. The military meeting has also appointed a new central operational commander (Kamaruddin, ex TNA commander of Pidie) and several other central command key persons. In Peureulak, Ishak Dawood has been appointed as Peureulak's military operational commander leaving his job as Peureulak military spokesman for Tgk. Mansur. Military discipline committee was also successful in bringing a new military code of conduct for TNA, much of it adopting the US military code of conduct.

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Exxon & its "brutal military campaign" against Achenese


No different from any established country, ASNLF has formalized the formation of police force, called "Bentara". Instead of attaching itself to the armed force like the Indonesian police, Achenese police is operating under the Ministry of Internal Affair to safeguard law and orders. The TNA also formed its military police (MP) to guarantee there would be no TNA personnel go berserk. It has been agreed that if there is any TNA personnel going nut, disciplinary action will be taken by the TNA itself through the MP initially and then he/she must be delivered to civil court for proper trial and penalty.

The civil police has its own code of conduct blended from traditional values and the UN's code of conduct for law enforcement officers and the the UN's code of conduct for using firearms for law enforcement officers.  Judicial system will be established from district level up to national and chaired by an assembly of law experts. The basis for the law is the Customary Laws (Hukum Adat) which is ad interim in nature and hand-picked and selected to not contradict the universal declaration of HR. The summit was fully aware of international images when producing any policy.

The civil government for the moment is conducted by the heads of wilayah (governors) under close supervision by the Ministry of Internal Affair. However, due to the current situation, many of civil governmental jobs are still dormant except for social works, minor developments, education and awareness in addition to the Indonesian educational system, people unification programs, law and order enforcement, and fundraising. The military is strongly prohibited from engaging itself in any moneymaking activity.



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