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No Matter How Small  
Acheh Humanitarian Assistance Fund is appealing for donations. In the hope to be able to offer some immediate humanitarian assistance to those Achenese who need it.
September 2001 THE ACHEH TIMES


Dear Friends,

Most of you are all too aware of the terrible human rights situation in Acheh. Recently many concerned civilians and human rights workers have had to leave Acheh as the military and police have increased their campaign against them. In addition, there are large numbers of displaced persons and relatives of victims of the violence who are suffering. While many Achenese remain elsewhere in Indonesia, many have had no alternative but to leave the country altogether. In this situation, they rely on friends and sympathisers both in Indonesia and overseas for financial and moral support.

Those of us concerned with the problems in Acheh would like to help ease this burden by offering some targeted financial assistance to individuals. It is with this in mind that we decided to set up the Acheh Humanitarian Assistance Fund. The fund will be administered by Matthew Clear, Damien Kingsbury and Lesley McCulloch.

Please give as generously as possible and we will keep you all up to date with how the money is being spent. For further information, or if anyone has any suggestions, please contact either


  2. or


The account details are as follows:

Acheh Humanitarian Assistance Fund Commonwealth Bank. Acc. No.10096013; BSB 06 71 04; University of Tasmania; Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay, Tasmania 7005-Australia

more info on Acheh Humanitarian Assistance Fund
Contact person: Lesley McCulloch
School of Asian Studies, University of Tasmania;
GPO BOX 252-91; Hobart Tasmania 7001
Australia; Tel: (03) 6226 2343, Fax: (03) 6226 7813
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