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Acheh Humanitarian Assistance Fund is appealing for donations. In the hope to be able to offer some immediate humanitarian assistance to those Achenese who need it.
The IFA draws attention to the actions of the ROI armed forces on the morning of 9 August 2001. According to eye witness accounts as reported by SIRA (the respected Acheh Referendum Information Centre, whose chairman, Muhammad Nazar has been jailed for holding a peaceful demonstration in support of a referendum demand), military forces entered the barracks of a plantation area in East Acheh, ordered workers outside, forced them to hand over money then opened fire.
IFA regrets: Indonesian leading press are no longer able to sustain their freedom
Indonesia has manipulated the letter from the US Senators for better situation between Indonesia and GAM
There is supporting documentation from the United States Department of State and other reliable sources that Indonesian military and police forces have committed widespread acts of torture, rape, disappearance and extra-judicial executions against West Papuan and Achenese civilians.
I had a buffet breakfast one day last week at the Red Roof Inn here with a man whom Indonesia wants arrested as a criminal. The Indonesian army has asked that Interpol, the international police agency, arrest Hasan Mohammed Tiro, the 70-year-old Prince of Acheh, who has been leading a quarter-century fight against the new colonialism in Southeast Asia.
SIRA strongly denies involvement in Jakarta bombing the Information Centre for a Referendum in Acheh has strongly denied police claims that it was behind the bombing in Jakarta on Friday of a student hostel inhabited by Achenese students.
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