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Children & their sexual for the success of military's
Simple mound marks grave of Acheh's slain leader Syafie
Re-establishment of KODAM prolong severe conflict
Rejection of the re-establishment of the KODAM Acheh
Death of GAM leaders brings new fears of more violence
Microchip & the Declaration for War
IFA Statement on the death of Mr. Syafie
Killing of commander won't discourage separatist revolt
Achenese lost another their charismatic leader., Syafie
Admiral Tjut Putroe Keumala Hayati
15 more deaths; 138 bodies within twenty-two days...
Violence claims two more deaths
Five more killed in latest Acheh violence
Violence Claims Three More Lives
Eight More Deaths as GAM Strike Grips Acheh
GAM Thanks for All Supports on the General Strike
Acheh Paralysed as General Strike Enters Second Day
Eleven people found dead as general strike hits Acheh
Strike is a Right of Humans
Troops to Shoot on Sight to Foil Acheh Strike
Violence Leaves Seven Dead
GAM Calls for General Strike
GAM accuses Exxon of involvement in "brutal military...
Exxon army still instigates Acheh bloodshed
At least 13 killed; troops shot dead four civilians
Gives one last chance to negotiate?
Six killed in continuing violence Acheh
Military more brutal; 15 more killed in ongoing violence
Eight killed in Acheh province..
ASNLF's Response to Indon's Dropping of Future...
Indonesia Refuses to Drop its Acheh


Incident in Acheh October 18 November 11, 2001

The wars in Acheh & Afghanistan must stop; Military operations in West Papua should end

KOSTRAD troops in Acheh Jeumpa shoot and arrest villagers

14 Achenese NGOs oppose PEMDA's "All Inclusive Dialogue"

Acheh in New York; Sections from the Jakarta International Film Festival

The Indonesian government should stop waging terrorism in Acheh

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA); the latest report

Indonesia's latest 'peace plan' causes death toll to double

Grants and Fellowships for activists and researchers around the world on social development

Acheh Humanitarian Assistance Fund appealing for donations for those Achenese who need it

Detailed story of Julok massacre in East Acheh. (Full description: click here)

Human Rights Watch today condemned the murder of Papuan independence leader Theys Eluay and called for a high-level investigation into his death.
TAPOL calls for all non-organic Indonesian troops to be withdrawn from Acheh, paving the way for demilitarisation so as to allow the conflict to be resolved by peaceful means. War has been raging in Acheh for years.
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) 19 Oct 2001- Covers: NATURAL DISASTERS, ACEH (Nanggroe Acheh Darussalam), CENTRAL SULAWESI, IRIAN JAYA, MALUKU, NORTH MALUKU, SOUTHEAST SULAWESI - BUTON, WEST TIMOR and OTHER
IFA Calls Achenese not to be Influenced by Jakarta's Anti American. IFA, while always supporting totally the rights of every person to express their opinions and feelings freely in a democratic and peaceful way, abhors doing so with violence and unruliness and in violation of the accepted international behavior.
Achenese leaders urged Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri during their weekend meeting to end the anti-rebel military campaign launched by her predecessor
SIRA and Acheh students reject Mega: Expressing their pessimism about a possible resolution to the Acheh problem, the Jakarta-based Achenese Student and Youth Association opposed on Thursday President Megawati Soekarnoputri's visit to the strife-torn province, while the Acheh Referendum Information Center (SIRA) in Banda Acheh said that the visit would not make any difference.
SIRA' s Supplementary Report on Julok Massacre. They found military boot marks and newly chopped down shrubs; then they found a heap of newly dug earth. Some of them started digging while others continue the search and found 3 more fresh earth heaps. All four holes contained corpses with torture marks such as stabbing, slicing, beating with blunt objects and strangling with ropes.
The IFA draws attention to the actions of the ROI armed forces on the morning of 9 August 2001. According to eye witness accounts as reported by SIRA (the respected Acheh Referendum Information Centre, whose chairman, Muhammad Nazar has been jailed for holding a peaceful demonstration in support of a referendum demand), military forces entered the barracks of a plantation area in East Acheh, ordered workers outside, forced them to hand over money then opened fire.
This is the most detailed and comprehensive account of the Julok massacre seen by TAPOL. While not being able to endorse the contents, TAPOL fully supports the call by SIRA for an independent investigation into the massacre and for measures to be taken to safeguard the lives of the wounded, the survivors and others in the area who are now at risk.
Ninja: Refugee and massacre in Gayo: Javanese from Pondok Baru came to tell their families to go see the four men at Pepedang. This is a spot known as a place where where corpses of murdered Gayos and Achenese are dumped. Many corpses, including those of children have been found there.'
An E-Classic Talk: A Javanese-Achenese convesation with Ted Lyng of the US Embassy in Jakarta on Acheh self-determination
The international community will be outraged if there is a reversion to human rights abuses of the kind that were seen in East Timor in the past," Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer told reporters.
Police shot dead three students and wounded many
Five men suspected of being being members of the Free Acheh Movement (GAM) were shot dead during a clash with soldiers in Central Acheh on Saturday, Deputy Military Commander Colonel Jali Yusuf said.
The GAM deputy commander in North Acheh, Sofyan Daud, said the two loggers were burned to death by Indonesian soldiers who had arrested them on Saturday on suspicion they were rebels.
At least nine people were killed in the Indonesian province of Acheh as government forces stepped up operations to hunt down separatist rebels, residents and rebels said Monday.
Ilham accused the Indonesian military of setting up and supporting local paramilitary military groups that "are often terrorizing the population."
Abdullah Syafii'Syafiie warns ExxonMobil. Acheh is an independent kingdom. If ExxonMobil wants to resume operations, they should negotiate with The Kingdom of Acheh.
GAM TAKES A LEAD; Acheh rebels taking over government functions. Theoretically, both Jakarta and the GAM administrations co-exist at areas known as the rebel breeding grounds. But in practice, most of the government offices in these areas are no longer functioning.
The government will suffer for their decision,' ...'The more troops they send to Acheh, the more they will go back in bodybags. We cannot let them kill our people.
The commander in chief of TNI, the Indonesian armed forces, announced today that  he had issued Decree 1/IV/2001 on 14 April 2001 to set up a special military command for the purpose of dealing with/obliterating the armed separatist movement in Acheh.
In another village in East Acheh, residents said police and soldiers shot dead three civilians and critically wounded two others Tuesday during a search which followed an ambush on a patrol by suspected Free Acheh Movement (GAM) rebels.
Indonesia Troops "Fired Blindly" At Acheh Children-Witness  "They fired blindly," said a witness who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal.
When the people of East Timor decided 20 months ago to secede from Indonesia, the backlash was swift and horrendous. The Indonesian military, using local militia groups, spearheaded a three-week rampage of pillage and slaughter.


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