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An elder woman shot dead when the Indonesian military swept villages in North Acheh.


List of crimes against humanity perpetrated by Ind. military & police

No. Reported date Date of Incident

Chronology of Incident and Victim's ID


1 Thursday, 15/03/01, 15.00 hour Thursday, 15/03/01, 12.00 hour Indonesian military/police BKO Ide Rayeuk went to Kuala Idi Rayeuk, East Acheh right before 11.30. Military started sweeping and toke forcedly civilian's (about) 350 fishnets (in amount of one truck). Military left civilians with flaming homes. Detail of victims who have homes burnt and 350 fishnets stolen by military have not yet documented.
2 Thursday, 15/03/01, 19.00 hour Thursday, 15/03/01, 15.25 hour
Indonesian military/police BKO Kota Fajar and Tapak Tuan took off two ladies' gowns until they were naked, in Silolo, North Kluet, South Acheh. Their clothes were tore into pieces in front of public.
  1. Bunsu binti H Ruddin (35)
  2. Pik Itam binti Saruddin (30)
Two of them experienced sexual harassment
3 Thursday, 15/03/01, 15.25 hour; received from local Thursday, 15/03/01, 15.25 hour
Indonesian military Siliwangi  BKO and Brimob BKO Kota Fajar and Tapak Tuan went to Ds. Silolo, North Kluet and shot a civilian and one villager's water buffalo.
1. Zaini (35)
Zaini (35) critically injured
4 Thursday, 15/03/01, 20.20 hour; received from local Thursday, 15/03/01, 15.15 hour
A group of Indonesian military/police and Brimob from Greater Acheh tortured civilians in Lam Tanjong, Suka Makmur, Greater Acheh. Victims
  1. Abdussalam (40);
  2. Safri (50, a farmer);
  3. Bustamam (40, a farmer);
  4. Jafar (30, a farmer);
  5. M. Yusuf (30, a farmer);
  6. Mulyadi (27, a farmer);
  7. Adnan (35) from Lam Tanjong;
  8. Yusri (22) from Desa Lam Birah;
  9. Pirdaus (30, a farmer);
  10. Mahfud (30, a farmer);
  11. Armia (25, a businessman);
  12. Marzuki (25, a businessman);
  13. M. daud (45, a farmer);
  14. Adi Sukdin (45, a farmer)
All victims were tortured
5 Thursday, 15/03/01, 19.00 hour; received from local Thursday, 15/03/01, 15.25 hour Four civilians from Silolo village were kidnapped by the Indonesian military/TNI Siliwangi BKO Polsek Kota Fajar with Brimob BKO Polres Tapak Tuan in a sweeping in North Kluet. They all brought to Makoramil/Polsek Kota Fajar. 
  1. Supardi (18) a High School student
  2. M Rizal (12) a Middle High School student,
  3. M. Ali (35) a farmer,
  4. Si Agam (20) a farmer.
6 Thursday; 15/03/01, 14.15 hour Thursday, 15/03/01, 09.00 hour
Bribmob BKO Banda Sakti and a member of TPO, name: Ramadhan, drove a Kijang (small truck, color: black) to Ds. Tumpok Tengoh, North Acheh, and kidnapped two civilians and brought to Police office Banda Sakti.
  1. Sudirman bin Umar (21),
  2. Dedi Saputro Sulaiman (21)
7 Friday; 16/03/01, 15.15 hour Thursday, 15/03/01, 12.00 hour
Military/TNI 145 Balau and Brimob Idi Rayeuk burn homes in Ds. Blang Geulumpang, Idi Rayeuk, Acheh Timur.
  1. Abdurrahman bin Sulaiman (22) 1 shop; 
  2. Jamaluddin bin Keuchik Dun (60) 1 home; 
  3. Usman bin Bayu (50) a salesman, 1 home;
  4. Muhammad (40) carpenter, 1 home; 
  5. Nurdin bin Bili (40) truck driver, 1 home; 
  6. Abdullah bin Budiman (55) a salesman, 1 shop; 
  7. Junaidi (60) a salesman, 1 shop;
  8. Khairuddin (60) a seaman, 1 shop and 1 boat garage. 
All victims live in Ds. Blang Geulumpang, Kuala Idi, Idi Rayeuk District, East Acheh.
Burned 4 shops and 5 homes to the ground
8 Friday, 16/03/01, hour 14.32, reported victim's family Thursday, 15/03/01, hour 11.05 Indonesia military (TNI/Brimob BKO Krueng Manee) shot dead a mentally ill civilian, Basri Ahmad (22), in Cot Usi, Sub-district Krueng Manee.  
9 Friday, 16/03/01, hour 13.15 received from local Thursday, 15/03/01, hour 12.00 Indonesian arm forces (joined TNI 145 Balau and Brimob BKO Idi Rayeuk) attacking Babul Jannah mosque in Kuala Idi, Idi Rayek, East Acheh. Arm forces got into the mosque destroyed the interior building, furniture and tearing the Qur'an. The mosque was completely ruined
10 Friday, 16/03/01, hour 16.10 reported victim's family Thursday, 15/03/01, hour 13.40
Military (TNI/Brimob BKO Balang Mangat) tortured local civilians.
  1. Amiruddin bin Abdullah (16) student of High School, from  Ulee Blang Manee, he had to go hospital for critical condition.
  2. Saifullah (45), gotten broken arm.
  3. M. yusuf bin Tgk Beuransah (20) tortured. 
  4. Many others were injured.
11 Friday, 16/03/01, hour 09.15, reported by local Wednesday, 14/03/01, hour 07.00 Brimob BKO Polsek Langsa tortured Syaiful bin Sulaiman by asking the victim to run around the group of the arm forces in Ds. Jambo Labu, Langsa, East Acheh. Military shot the victim while he was performing the running in circle; the Brimob asked locals to take him to the hospital. But Syaiful bin Sulaiman had been running out of blood when he reached the hospital and had to die there. The victim is from Gampong Blang, Langsa, East Acheh.  
The latest random reports 2000-2001
  1. Chairman of the Coordinating unit for Disaster Relief Management for Acheh, Azwar Abubakar said that 5,185 houses had been torched and more than 15,000 people had been forced from their homes during the past two years.
  2. 67 people were killed in Acheh province between April 11 and April 29, 2001.
         The head of the group's investigation team, Batlimus, was quoted by Antara as saying that of the 67 casualties, 52 were civilians, nine were National
    Police/Indonesian Military members and six were Free Acheh Movement (GAM) separatist rebels.
         During the same period, the forum also recorded 48 cases of torture in which 33 civilians and 15 members of the Indonesian security forces were injured.
         At least 72 buildings were also razed in arson attacks. Eighteen gunfights between rebels and security forces were recorded in several regencies in the strife-torn province. [Acheh's Human Rights Care Forum (Forum Peduli HAM Acheh/NGO)]


  Distributed by sources: Investigation Commission Monitoring and SIRA Team in Acheh
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