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Incidents and the Victims of the RI's Regular Police Operation during Ramadhan
Indonesian forces are watching motor boats to prevent approaching the land to attend referendum, which would be held on November 10, 2000, in the center city of Banda Acheh. The military shot at those motor boats and killed two civilians in this Peunayong river. The Indonesian government declares not to allow people attending the event to exercise their democratic views in any manner.


GAM and RI have agreed to avoid any violence during the month.
NO: Non-Organic
SPHQ: Sub precinct Police Headquarter
MHQMilitary:  (Army, Marine) Headquarter
Other terms
By Jean Michael Hara


No Incident Date
Location Perpetrator

How has it happened?

Victim ID


26 Nov. 2000


Lam Rheueng, Banda Acheh Gegana Polri Banda Acheh HQ

13 Gegana officers using 2 minibuses conducted an unprovoked offensive action against AGAM Commander of Acheh Rayeuk, Tgk. Tarzura. The commander and 3 of his aides were in the Lam Rheueng Mosque. The Gegana sprayed bullets towards the commander and his aides, but all of them escaped the death

Tgk. Tarzura and his aides, unhurt.


27 Nov. 2000


Labuhan Haji, West Acheh NO Brimob Labuhan Haji

Victims were youth aged ranging 17-20 years. They were sitting in a coffee house after fast breaking (buka puasa). NO Brimob came and took them onto the police truck. Their dead bodies were found in the next day in a ditch with signs of heavy torture such as slice and stabs wounds, broken bones, and gouged eyes. Dead:

  1. Suardi, m, 17
  2. Hendry, m, 18
  3. Hidayat, m, 20
  4. Syamsul Kamal, m, 18
  5. Aduen, m, 20

03 Dec. 2000


Mns. Buraq, Mila, Pidie NO Brimob from Polres Pidie The victim on a motorbike ran into the passing Brimob and was stopped. The victim was then tortured and finally finished with gunshot. His motorbike was taken away.

Syamsul Bahri, m, 27, dead


02 Dec. 2000


Keudee Jurong vlg. Darul Aman, East Acheh NO Brimob Kuta Binjei

Salman, an unarmed GAM activist, was shot dead when he was passing the Brimob post.

Salman, m, 30, dead

03 Dec. 2000


Nurussalam, East Acheh NO Brimob Darul Aman (Bagok)

In a sweep operation, the Brimob has forcefully taken over the belongings of villages dwellers and extort money

  1. Aiyub, m, 30. A motorbike Honda Grand was taken
  2. Razali Muhammad, m, 45. Extorted Rp 2.800.000 and a motorbike Honda Grand was taken

04 Dec. 2000


Suak, Tangan-tangan, South Acheh Army (Siliwangi) and Brimob from Blangpidie

The Indonesian joint forces attacked GAM HQ in the jungle when GAM soldiers were celebrating the 24th anniversary of the movement. They took 2 motorbikes and 1 unit of sound system. Fire exchange has occurred but no confirmation about victim


04 Dec. 2000


Nisam, North Acheh Army and Brimob in North Acheh

The Indonesian joint forces attacked GAM HQ in the jungle when GAM soldiers were celebrating the 24th anniversary of the movement. GAM soldiers who guarded the camp have returned fire as self defense. An unconfirmed report said that 3 of Indonesian troops were killed.


04 Dec. 2000


Matangkuli, North Acheh Army and Brimob in North Acheh

The Indonesian joint forces (300 personnel, 10 trucks, 4 armoured vehicles, 40 motorbikes) attacked GAM HQ in the jungle when GAM soldiers were celebrating the 24th anniversary of the movement. Their movement has been halted midway and was forced to return. When they reached a village (Alue Bai vlg) near main highway, the Indonesian troops shot dead 5 villagers ( 2 deaths and 3 critically injured) and set afire to tens of houses (exact number to be confirmed).

  1. Tgk. Ilyas Ibrahim, m, 36, dead
  2. Abdullah Kasem, m, 32, dead
  3. M. Yusuf, Bukhari, m, 46, injured
  4. Rasyidin Yusuf, m, 26, injured
  5. M. Yusuf, m, injured

04 Dec. 2000


Lamnyong, Banda Acheh Army and Brimob in Banda Acheh

The Indonesian joint forces assigned to pull down all GAM flags along the street from Lamnyong to Tungkop GAM has raised. Among the flags, there was an odd one fixed on a bamboo pool planted across the street from a restaurant before Lamnyong bridge. GAM field commander was already puzzled of who has raised this particular flag there for his men did not do it. The Indonesian forces complete with their high rank officers including those who sit in the Joint Committee for Security Modalities, arrived at the location. Then a blast was heard after the troop pull out the pool with long rope. After the blast, the troops fired in the air and started surrounding the nearby library building for, they said, GAM guerillas have been hiding there. The library was full with staff and students. All males in the building were ordered to shirt off and lie down on gravel. Henry Dunant representatives, Jules Irens and Donald Palmer, arrived at the location and the harsh treatment on the people stopped. One female student was passed out due to shock and glass windows were shattered with rifle butts by the troops. The intensive search has resulted in nothing. Many people and passersby perceived this was an engineered action because there were many college students, including student activists, in the building.


04 Dec. 2000


Matang Kumbang, Simpang Ulim, East Acheh Army Siliwangi Bat. 145 Buket Leusông post

About 30 army personnel swept into the village Matang Kumbang to search GAM suspects. In the raid, they tortured and robbed many civilian they found either at homes or on the streets. The torture included submerging people in the mud, rifle butt swinging, kicking and shooting. At least 6 people injured and/or robbed, one store was broken in and all valuable merchandises were taken, as well as one motorbike Honda Grand was robbed.

  1. M. Daud, m, 35, tortured
  2. Drs. Dahlan Hasan, 38, tortured
  3. Sulaiman Ismail, m, 17, shot
  4. Zulkifli Gadeng, m, tortured
  5. Ismail Ramli, m, 50, tortured and one motorbike taken
  6. M. Jalil Hasyem, m, 45, merchandises robbed (loss Rp 2.000.000)

04 Dec. 2000


Duson Tanjong (near the bridge) NO Brimob from Peureulak

Sweeping by the Brimob in the village has resulted in one dead civilian and several others injured and taken away. Three people on one motorbike were shot at one place (Duson Tanjong) and two other civilian were tortured in the other place (Blang Simpo). The troops have also taken away one motorbike Honda-GL Max and money Rp 500.000 from the victims

Motorbike psgr in Duson Tanjong:

  1. Abdurrahman Ahmad, m, 26, shot dead
  2. Mukhlis Rasyid, m, 24, taken away
  3. M. Hatta, m, 25, taken away

Victims in Blang Simpo:

  1. Dedek Mustafa Arsyad, m, 27, tortured
  2. Mansur Arsyad, m, 21, tortured

04 Dec. 2000


Kampung Pantang, Ulim, Pidie NO Brimob Ulim HQ

Sweeping by the Brimob in their attempt to disturb the GAM anniversary. Four people have been tortured (repeated stabbing in the thighs) to extort confession on the whereabouts of GAM anniversary took place

  1. Sanusi Ishak, m, 22, from Mns. Manyang
  2. Fauzi Ibrahim, m, 24, from Naro Timu
  3. Muhammad Aji, m, 22, from Pantang Cot Balee
  4. Miswar Amin, m, 22 from Naro Timu Ulim

04 Dec. 2000


Geudong Teungoh, Bireuen Brimob Bireuen SPHQ

The victim was eating Sahur (pre-dawn meal in the month of Ramadhan) with his family. Brimob broke in and took him away. His fate and whereabouts unknown

Muhammad, m, missing


04 Dec. 2000


Cot Ba’ U, Manggeng, South Acheh NO Brimob Manggeng

The victim was taken alive by the Brimob in a sweeping operation in the village at 10:00 o’clock. He was killed and dumped in a ditch and found at 14:00 o’clock. A bullet hole in the skull.

Dead: Jaisra Ismail Ahmad, m, 33

List cont'd:

Distributed by sources: the Monitoring Team, GAM's intelligence, HR-NGOs and SIRA Team in in Acheh.

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