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Incidents and the Victims of the RI's Regular Police Operation; Cont'd
It was about twenty-five members of the Indonesian military force involved in a massacre of Tungku Bantaqiah with his over sixty-five followers on July 23, 1999 in Beutong Ateuk, West Acheh. Many believe that some other guru's students were also tortured. Unfortunately, the leaders of the massacres are now under the wings of perpetrators.


NO: Non-Organic
SPHQ: Sub precinct Police Headquarter
MHQMilitary:  (Army, Marine) Headquarter
Other terms
By Jean Michael Hara


Incident Date
Location Perpetrator

How has it happened?

Victim ID


04 Nov. 2000


Tanjung Mesjid, Geudong, North Acheh NO Brimob from Geudong SPHQ Brimob attacked a civilianís house with gunfire and badly wounded the family members, a mother, her daughter, and her grandson. The victims are being treated at a hospital
  1. Fatimah Mustapha, f, 50 yrs, shot in the thigh
  2. Nurhayati Balwi, f, 25 yrs, shot in the head
  3. Zulfikar Zakaria, m, 8 yrs, shot in the thighs

04 Nov. 2000


Kr. Geukuh, North Acheh NO Brimob from Kr. Geukuh SPHQ Based on an information that there were poll questionnaires being distributed, the Brimob has detained and brutalized the Mayor of Krueng Geukuh

Hasyem, m, 42 yrs


04 Nov. 2000


Kp. Blang, Lam Birah, and Lam Lheue, Greater Acheh NO Brimob from Greater Acheh HQs As a deterrence for people peace rally, the police has conducted a sweeping operation in the villages and scared the inhabitants with gunfires.

04 Nov. 2000


Birem Bayeuen, East Acheh NO Army and Brimob from Langsa HQs Shot dead several peoples who gave unsatisfactory answers when interrogated for GAM. The victim were taken alive by the Brimob to be later found dead in a hospital with the sign of heavy tortures and gunshots
  1. Zainal Amir, m, 34 yrs
  2. Bustamam, m, 24 yrs
  3. Rizal, m, 40 yrs
  4. Unidentified

05 Nov. 2000


Mns. Udeueng, Bandar Baru, Pidie NO Brimob from Bandar Baru SPHQ The Brimob raided and kidnapped two civilians from Mns. Udeueng. The victims were accused as GAM members
  1. Hanafiah Isa, m, 35 yrs
  2. Zulkifli Hasan, m, 20 yrs

05 Nov. 2000

from 07:00 to current

From Langsa in East Acheh to Sp. Beutong in Pidie All Army and Police along the highway from Langsa to Banda Acheh Stopped buses and other passenger vehicles from proceeding to Banda Acheh. Many cars have their tires blown out by gunshots, passengers were extorted and tortured and ordered to go home. Some passengers were also shot in Blang Malu Pidie. The shooting has also occurred at Sp. Beutong, Pidie.

05 Nov. 2000


Police HQ (Polda) Banda Acheh RI Police Chief in Acheh, Brig. Gen. Chaerul Rasyidi

The Police Chief has ordered his troops at all posts throughout Acheh to:

  1. dispatch troops to all bus terminals in Acheh to block passengers from going to Banda Acheh
  2. search all buses and other vehicles and passengers
  3. immobilize vehicles by shooting at the tires to prevent the vehicles from going to Banda Acheh
  4. conduct sweep operations in all army/police posts to deter people from going to Banda Acheh

02 Nov. 2000


Poramah, Suka Makmur Greater Acheh NO Brimob from Banda Acheh PHQ The Brimob, in two military trucks, raided Poramah village with the reason to search GAM members. Scared residents fled for their safety to neighboring villages. A villager and his ailing father who were on the road to hospital were abducted by the Brimob. This man and his ailing father as well as his motorbike were taken onto the Brimobís truck and have not been returned.


  1. Ismail, m, 34 yrs
  2. His father, ID unknown
  3. One motorbike

02 Nov. 2000


U Gadeng, Keumala, Pidie Army and Brimob A joint military operation has been launched by RI army and police in U Gadeng and other adjacent villages. During the operation the troops have committed crimes on human rights by means of intimidation, starshooting, beating and shooting of innocent people. Two innocent civilians were killed and 10 others were tortured.


  1. Kasal Mukhtar, m, 18, a high school student
  2. Muhammad Sulaiman, m, 21.


  1. M. Jakfar Yusuf
  2. Musliadi Abdullah
  3. Samiun Hassan
  4. Abdullah Sulaiman
  5. Nabhani Sulaiman
  6. Baihaqi Sulaiman
  7. Zulkifli
  8. Khairul
  9. Ridhwan Juned
  10. Burhan Mukhtar

03 Nov. 2000



Polres Pidie HQ Police/Brimob The police conducted a roadblock/check point search on passersby. Two merchants were instantly kidnapped when the police realized that they were carrying money (to bank) Rp 150 million. The victims and their money were disappeared.
  1. Usman Abubakar, m, 40
  2. Muslim, m, 42
  3. Rp 150.000.000
61 02 Nov. 2000 Lampoh Coklat, Tangse, Pidie NO Brimob, Tangse SPHQ A villager who was working in his farm was shot and taken away by the Brimob. His fate and whereabouts is unknown

1. Bukhari, m, 26

62 04 Nov. 2000 Mns. Dayah, Lhoksukon, North Acheh NO Brimob from Lhoksukon SPHQ At 01:00, the Brimob raided a house and kidnapped two males in the house. One of them was a teacher. Their fate and whereabouts are unknown
  1. Zaini Sulaiman, m, 35
  2. Mustapha Ibrahim, m, 25

01 Nov. 2000


Alue Keureunyai, Nisam, North Acheh NO Army/Brimob At 16:00 oíclock, a clash between AGAM and RI joint forces occurred at Alue Keureunyai vlg when the RI convoy ran into GAM soldiers. After a brief fire exchange, all GAM soldiers retreated. RI troops called for reinforcement. About 120 RI troops (in 16 trucks) arrived at the location and start committing crime against civilians by burning 50 houses while the owners were not allowed to resque their belongings. Those whose houses have been burnt are now become IDPs at several mosques in and around the village.
50 houses burnt with every thing inside
New IDPs

04 Nov. 2000


Buloh Blang Ara, Kuta Makmur, North Acheh Army Buloh Bl. Ara MHQ Gun manouvre, intimidation, and torture of civilians by the army in the search fro AGAM members

05 Nov. 2000



Kp. Mamplam, Tanah Luas, North Acheh Joint forces NO army/Brimob from Tanah Luas MHQ and SPHQ A raid by the joint forces in the Kp. Mamplam village. Failed to find GAM members, the RI troops burned a residential belongs to Tgk. H. Puteh, m, 48
66 03 Nov. 2000 Keudee Dua Idi Rajeuk, East Acheh NO army bat. 145 Balau from Idi Rajeuk MHQ In a combing operation, the troops interrogated villagers for GAM HQ. People answered that they did not know. Some of the interrogated replied: "Why busy hunting GAM in villages? There are GAMs at Kuala Tripa Hotel in Banda Acheh (Humanitarian Pause Secretariat), go and get them". Maddened by the brave answer, the troops brutalized those civilians.
  1. M. Nur Husen, m, 48, from Seuneubok Acheh vlg
  2. Syukri Hasan, m, 30, from Buket Lawi vlg
  3. M. Nasir M. Nur, m, 22 from Seuneubok Lapang vlg
67 05 Nov. 2000 Alue Ie Mirah, Jambo Aye, North Acheh NO Army Panton Labu MHQ Unlawful arrest of 4 democratic activists carrying ballot forms. They were tortured and detained at the Panton Labu Army HQ.
  1. M. Isa Basyah, m, 38
  2. Saiful Manaf, m, 26
  3. Saiful Daud, m, 20
  4. Rusli Usman, m, 26

05 Nov. 2000


Sawang I, Sawang, South Acheh Joint forces of NO army/Brimob of South Acheh Hundreds of joint forces troops with panzers raided Sawang I village where they abducted all men they found in the village. Six villagers who did not escape were abducted and taken to Polres HQ

Not yet identified


06 Nov. 2000


Teumpeuen, Peureulak, East Acheh NO Brimob Peureulak SPHQ A "normal police function" in the village has created many casualties among civilians by the Brimob. The Brimob has brutalized innocent civilians just because they did not get any info about GAM from the villagers.

The Victims:

  1. Muhammad Amin, m, 52
  2. Thalib Amin, m, 40
  3. Zulfani Ali, m, 17
  4. Ramli, m, 25
  5. Zulkifli, m, 23
  6. Muhammad, m, 23
  7. Syafaruddin M. Said, m, 21
  8. Zulfikar M. Nur, m, 22
  9. Muzambir Yakob, m, 22
  10. M. Juned Thaleb, m, 22
  11. Damiyati Amin, f, 30
  12. Bakhtiar, m, 35
  13. M. Yunus Yusuf, m, 34
  14. Safrizal Said, m, 18

05 Nov. 2000


Jambo Papeuen, Meukek, South Acheh NO Brimob Meukek SPHQ A search and destroy operation was launched by the RI troops to terminate GAM. But, in fact, the troops have looted and robbed villagers. Six motorbikes were stolen and in the aftermath they kidnapped 7 villagers


  1. Ismail, m, 35, his Rp 1 million was also robbed
  2. Mayani, m, 30
  3. Kardi, m, 25
  4. Sukardi, m, 40
  5. Zurina, f, 25
  6. Mariadi, m, 17
  7. Sardani, m, 30

06 Nov. 2000


Serang Ingin Jaya, Sungai Yu, East Acheh Joint forces of army company A and Brimob Kuala Simpang HQs

A raid to GAM HQ. The RI troops have kidnapped 11 AGAM members and one village chief (Tgk. Kasem) and seized AGAMís equipment such as 1 assault rifle AK-47, 1 HT, 2 motorbikes, and 20 other motorbikes belong to civilians. People and equipments were held at Army company A, Kuala Simpang.

This was another offensive military operation which violated the agreement between RI and GAM


  1. Zainal, m, 25
  2. Abdurrahman, m, 30
  3. M. Nasir, m,35
  4. Dedek, m, 27
  5. Ismed, m, 30
  6. M. Jalil, m, 29
  7. Junaidi, m, 20
  8. Madan, m, 20
  9. Irwan, m, 18
  10. Dollah, m, 37
  11. Mukhtar, m, 22
  12. Tgk. Kasem, m, 38

06 Nov. 2000


Landing, Lhoksukon, North Acheh Joint forces of army and Brimob Matang Kuli HQs The RI troops entered Landing vlg and intimidate villagers

06 Nov. 2000


Throughout Acheh Army and Police in all HQs in Acheh

As a pre-emptive measure to the giant peaceful rally of the Achenese to Banda Acheh, the instructions of Acheh Kapolda have been implemented:

All people were forbidden to travel. Trucks, buses, cars, wagons, motorbikes heading to Banda Acheh were stopped and ordered to return. Several vehicles had their tires shot.

Hundreds of trucks transporting merchandises especially those transporting foodstuff from Medan were stopped at Tualang Cut army battalion and detained there since 05 Novemeber.

RI troops also entered villages and forced cars and trucks owners to take their vehicles to nearby army or police HQ and park them there. Several cars have been immobilize with gunshots in their respective garages by the RI troops.

Bus terminals have been blocked.

74 07 Nov. 2000 Throughout Acheh Army and Police in all HQs in Acheh

People of Acheh resist the unlawful orders of RI police and army in Acheh. They insist to exercise their rights to travel without hassle, their rights to express their democratic voices in a giant rally for peace in Banda Acheh scheduled on 8 Nov. 2000.

The army and police have been taking rough and unlawful measures to halt the movement of the people. Roadblocks, shooting at vehicles tires, confiscating vehicles, shooting at travellers and beating are going on and become more intens.

The situation has been grave and worsening since the RI military keep preventing the people from exercising their rights.

A joint statement proposed by GAM in the Joint Committee on Security Modalities to guarantee the free access and safety for travellers and all people has not been signed by the RI side. RI keeps delaying the signing of the Joint Statement in their attempt to buy time.

Today, several people who are travelling to Banda Acheh have been shot and many others have been detained. Several People Crisis Centers (PCC) throughout Acheh have been destroyed by the RI troops and one of PCC activists has been unlawfully arrested.

Against any laws, RI security forces have confiscated more civiliansí vehicles to sabotage the movement of people to Banda Acheh.

In Idi Cut East Acheh, all high school students were line up at gunpoint in the Police HQ and intimidated.


08 Nov. 2000


Blang Galang, Gronggrong, Pidie Brimob Pidie


  1. Sulaiman (40) from Langgo vlg Pidie on motorbike was arrested and detained at Sigli Polres HQ. Reason: No.
  2. Razali (38) from Cirih vlg, Delima, Pidie. Bound to Banda Acheh in a truck with other villagers. He was tortured and taken and detained at Sigli Polres HQ. Reason: Transporting people to Banda Acheh.
  3. Many buses and trucks drivers were tortured by the RI troops/police and the vehicles were confiscated. Reason: Transporting people to Banda Acheh.
List cont'd:

Distributed by sources: the Monitoring Team, GAM's intelligence, HR-NGOs and SIRA Team in in Acheh.

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