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Incidents and the Victims of the RI's Regular Police Operation in Acheh
Military unit during sweeping through villages to find rebels and separatist groups. Many lives killed, even homes and communities facilities burned to the ground, since military operations in Acheh launched.


NO: Non-Organic
SPHQ: Sub precinct Police Headquarter
MHQMilitary:  (Army, Marine) Headquarter
Other terms
By Jean Michael Hara



Incident Date



How has it happened?
Victim ID


05 Oct. 2000


Batu 8, Kuta Makmur, North Acheh

NO Army posted at PTP Satya Agung MHQ

On a sweep operation in the Batu 8 village the Army has kidnapped and killed innocent civilians. The Army personnel has interrogated villagers for GAM HQ and arrested whom they suspected or those who gave unsatisfactory answers. The victims were taken to MHQ to be later found dead on a roadside on the next day


  1. Tgk. Abdul Wahab, m, 50 yrs, from Lhok Mon Puteh
  2. Ibrahim Abidin, m, 42 yrs, from Batu 8
  3. Saifuddin Jacob, m, 35 yrs, from Batu 8


05 Oct. 2000


Cot Plieng, Bayu, North Acheh

NO Army posted at Geudong MHQ

A group of semi-uniformed army personnel in a civilian Jeep and assisted by a local informant, Ampon Thayeb, has abducted two civilians who were walking on the roadside and tossed them into the Jeep. The whereabouts of the victims are still unknown

  1. Iskandar, m, 22 yrs
  2. Mustafa, m, 27 yrs


06 Oct. 2000


Samadua, South Acheh

NO Brimob posted at Samadua SPHQ

On a sweep operation, the Brimob has illegally arrested and detained two civilians whom they later tortured until one of them died and the other is still kept in the HQ. The victims have been late to stop their motorbike when ordered to do so

  1. M. Saleh, m, 32 yrs, from Sp 3 Alue Paku, dead
  2. Muchtar, m, 32 yrs, detained


09 Oct. 2000


Keumuneng Vlg, Birem Bayeuen, East Acheh

Non-Organic (NO) Mobile Brigade (Brimob) posted at Sungai Mati

The Brimob has arrested a village clerk without any arrest warrant and brutalized him. The victim has been detained ever since without any legal procedure.

Hasballah bin Daud, male (m), 40 yrs


09 Oct. 2000


Kuala Glumpang, Julok, East Acheh

Joint Forces NO Army posted at Buket MHQ Leusong and Brimob posted at Julok SPHQ

On a sweep operation, the joint forces have arbitrarily opened fire with live munitions on innocent civilians killing 3 of them and wounded 11 others. Those victims were employee of "Mon Jambe, Ltd.", a shrimp farm company. Four motorbikes were confiscated and one light truck was destroyed. RI claimed that there has been an ambush by GAM and those who have been shot and tortured were GAMs. According to eyewitnesses there was no ambush and no other provocation whatsoever by anyone, but simply the RI troops opened fire at the workers who were resting under the shade of bushes on the bank of a shrimp pool.

The victims:

  1. Saiful, m, 32 yrs, Kp. Naleueng, Julok, dead
  2. M. Amin, m, 21 yrs, Kp. Naleueng, Julok, dead
  3. Syarifah Abdullah, f, 30 yrs, Kp. Naleueng, Julok, dead
  4. Samin M. Ali, m, 42 yrs, Bireuen, left eyeball extirpated
  5. Rusli Nurdin, m, 35 yrs 10. Tgk. Ahmad bin Basyah, m, 22 yrs.
  6. Yusniar Ahmad, f, 20 yrs 11. Safaruddin, m, 30 yrs
  7. Mohammad Ali, m, 25 yrs 12. Jasmin Yusuf, f, 40 yrs
  8. Sulaiman Hanafiah, 25 yrs 13. Ahmad Ali, m, 25 yrs
  9. Said bin Ali, m, 22 yrs 14. May Abdullah, m,


09 Oct. 2000


Punti Pulo Agam, Tanah Luas, North Acheh

NO Army and Brimob of Simpang Mulieng HQs

At 3:00 o’clock in the morning ,a group of Army and Brimob entered the village and ransacked several houses. They looted a lady merchant, Ms. Juwairiah Daud. 15 t-shirts, 15 pants, 30 sets of jilbab, and 20 boxes of herb medicine were taken by the RI troops

Ms. Juwairiah Daud, f, 32 yrs


10 Oct. 2000


Simpang Lhee Meureudu, Pidie

Joint Forces NO Army/Brimob posted at Meureudu HQs

The joint forces launched an offensive assault on villages around Simpang Lhee Meureudu. Several houses and stores were torched, tons of rice belonged to an adjacent rice mill was robbed, and 7 innocent civilians, mostly passersby, were illegally arrested and detained (random abduction and without warrant) and brutalized.


  1. Sulaiman bin Rajab, m, 31 yrs, from Mayang Cut
  2. Zulka Hendra, m, 40 yrs, from Mayang Cut
  3. M. Yusuf A. Rahman, m, 32 yrs, from Mayang Cut
  4. Khairul R. Idris, m, 18 yrs, from Mayang Lancok
  5. Mustapha Sulaiman, m, 32 yrs, from Mayang Lancok
  6. Usman Samalanga, m, 40 yrs, from Mayang Lancok
  7. Jafaruddin A. Jalil, m, 26 yrs, from Mayang Lancok

Owners of the torched buildings:

  1. Bakri bin Ishaq, m, 28 yrs, at Seunong village
  2. Saifuddin Z. Abidin, m, 35, at Seunong village


Approx 3 tons of rice belonged to rice mill "Hidup Baru"


10 Oct. 2000


Mns. Mesjid, Blang Mangat, North Acheh

Joint Forces NO Mariner/Brimob posted at Lhokseumawe HQs

The joint forces launched an offensive assault on Mns. Mesjid village. One coffee shop was torched and two schoolboys were illegally arrested and detained (random abduction and without warrant) and brutalized.

  1. Iqbal bin Ilyas, m, 12 yrs
  2. Husaini bin Muchtar, m, 16 yrs


Coffee shop belonged to Fauzi M. Nur, m, 28 yrs


11 Oct. 2000


Cot Keu-eueng, Darussalam Greater Acheh

NO Brimob posted at Banda Acheh PHQ and Lingke PHQ

On a sweep mission in Cot Keu-eueng village the Brimob has illegally arrested and detained 3 innocent civilians who at the time of incident were working in their gardens (collecting grass for livestock) and in a shop. The police refused to inform their whereabouts. The Brimob has also shot dead 3 cows they found on the road

  1. Usman Hasyem, m, 25 yrs
  2. M. Amin Juned, m, 27 yrs
  3. Marzuki Ahmad, m, 32 yrs
  4. Three ‘innocent’ cows


11 Oct. 2000


Punteuet, Blang Mangat, North Acheh

NO Army posted at Lhokseumawe MHQ

Semi-uniformed Army personnel driving 3 civilian jeeps have abducted a paperboy. He was taken away in the jeep. He was released in very bad shape a week later

Ibni bin Yusuf, m, 40 yrs


12 Oct. 2000


Krueng Meuriam, Tangse, Pidie

Army of Kodim Sigli

Driving on a motorbike southbound to Tangse, the victims were wrongfully abducted by a group of Army personnel and detained at Sigli Kodim MHQ. The motorbike was confiscated and now used by the army

  1. Muzakkir, m, 27 yrs
  2. M. Amin, m, 25 yrs


12 Oct. 2000


Ronga-ronga, Central Acheh

NO Army Bat. 133 posted at Takengon MHQ

Due to sweep operation by the Army who intimidated and terrorized peoples with interrogation, star shooting, and rifle butts swinging, villagers from Timang Gajah, Ronkas, and Ronga-ronga villages have escaped their homes for their safety. They are now IDPs at Ronga-Ronga Mosque.

2500 IDPs


12 Oct. 2000


Ulee Glee, Pidie

NO Brimob posted at Ulee Glee SPHQ

On a sweep mission, the Brimob, while shooting into the air, ordered people at Ulee Glee market place to lay down on the streets with their hands behind their heads. While some personnel guarding the peoples, the others went rampaging and looting stores and burnt them. The peoples, when they were finally allowed to stand up, were not permitted to extinguish the fire. In the shooting spree, the Brimobs have shot dead two civilians and damaged several minibuses.

The police chief rebuffed the accusation and said that his men did the cruelty and torching because GAM had attack them. His blame of GAM involvement was later rejected by the witnesses (victims)

  1. Tgk. Sayamaun, m, 52 yrs, dead. His corpse was taken away by Brimob
  2. Budiman (a deranged people), m, 43 yrs, dead
  3. 154 shops and 13 mini kiosks


14 Oct. 2000


Suwik, Indrajaya, Pidie

Brimob from Sigli PHQ

A patrolling police unit has illegally arrested two peasants who were harvesting rice in their rice fields. The victims were called by police in a car. When the two approached, they were suddenly grabbed and dragged into the car. The police also forcefully took away a motorbike

  1. Tgk. M. Hasbi bin Salam, m, 42
  2. Muhammad Daud, m, 50
  3. M. Hasan Husein lost his motorbike


14 Oct. 2000


Kp. Blang, Simpang Tiga, Pidie

NO Brimob posted at SPHQ SP. Tiga

Karimuddin, an unarmed AGAM personnel left AGAM HQ for visiting his parents in Kp. Blang village. A platoon of Brimob came to the place and arrested him in a coffeehouse. He was taken away and found dead with 2 bullet holes in his body.

The police chief falsely claimed that this man was shot in a gunfight

Karimuddin, m, 27 yrs, Kp. Blang, Dead


14 Oct. 2000


Kp. Blang, Simpang Tiga, Pidie

NO Brimob posted at SPHQ SP. Tiga

Along with the arrest and murder of AGAM personnel, Karimuddin, 10 more civilians were illegally arrested, tortured and detained at Sigli PHQ.

  1. Zulfikar A. Bakar, m, 30 yrs,
  2. Abdullah Usman, m, 40 yrs
  3. Khailir Muhammad, m, 15
  4. Bachtiar Abubakar, m, 40
  5. Effendi Nurdin, m, 20 yrs
  6. Iskandar AR, m, 22 yrs
  7. Amiruddin, m, 30 yrs
  8. Muhibuddin, m, 45 yrs
  9. Ishak Hanafiah, m, 55 yrs
  10. M. Jamil Jacob, m, 25 yrs


14 Oct. 2000


Tiro, Pidie

NO Brimob posted at Tiro SPHQ

A gunfight broke out between 60 marauding Brimob personnel and 7 AGAM personnel. Because the Brimob has sustained heavy losses they went berserk in the aftermath and released their anger on civilians. After they took away many items from stores and houses, they burnt the places. 65 stores in Tiro and 3 houses in Lhok Igeueh village were set ablazed by the Brimob.

  1. 65 stores
  2. 3 houses


15 Oct. 2000


Bantayan, Bagok, East Acheh

NO Army and Brimob from MHQ and SPHQ Bagok

The joint forces conducted an offensive military mission into the village. Two civilians on a motorbike were shot dead after their eyeballs were extirpated

  1. Anwar Ilyas, m, 29 yrs, dead
  2. Hambali, m, 31 yrs, dead

The motorbike was confiscated


15 Oct. 2000


Mee Meuaneuk

NO Brimob Polres Sigli

A schoolboy was shot by a Brimob personnel named Irwan

Marwan, m, 18 yrs, hospitalized


16 Oct. 2000


Laweueng, Pidie

NO Brimob Pidie SPHQs

About 300 personnel of Brimob conducted a Blitzkrieg in the villages of Laweueng. Armed maneuvers, shootings, random arrests and killings of villagers have created new flux of refugees. In the action, at least two innocent civilians were tortured until dead and 5 others were detained at Polres Pidie without any legal reason. One of the dead was a prominent teacher at an Islamic boarding school. He was savagely tortured before finished with gunshot and dumped into a gorge. He was abducted by the Brimob at his house when he was performing dawn prayer. He was dragged while being tortured in the front of his family members along the way to the ravine where his corpse was found. His genital was mutilated.

The Brimob has also robbed Rp 1.101.500,00 from a villager but this man was not hurt or detained

  1. Tgk. Syafii Amin, m, 40 yrs, dead
  2. Fauzi Affan, m, 30 yrs, dead
  3. Zainal Abidin, m, detained
  4. Nurdin, m, detained
  5. Ishaq Richard, m, detained
  6. Muslim, m, detained
  7. Abubakar Abdullah, m, detained
  8. Affan Puteh, m, robbed
  9. Two more people are still missing


17 Oct. 2000


Kp. Aneuh, Birem Bayeuen, East Acheh

NO Brimob Julok SPHQ

Two days after an ambush by the Brimob towards AGAM, which claimed 3 death of AGAM members and one civilian, once again the Brimob launched an assault into the village but this time they kidnapped two innocent civilians who were happening to pass through the place and the Brimob presumed them as GAM members. The whereabouts of the victims are unknown

  1. Abubakar Zakaria, m, 27 yrs, from Cot Kala Rantau Selamat
  2. Munzir bin Idris, m, 29 yrs, from Cot Kala Rantau Selamat


17 Oct. 2000

Panton Labu, North Acheh

NO Brimob Panton Labu SPHQ

A fight broke out between some Brimob personnel and a young man. The man successfully escaped after knock down the Brimobs. The angered Brimobs then opened fire arbitrarily and heavily wounded two merchants

  1. Zulkifli, m, 40 yrs
  2. Ridwan, m, 38 yrs


17 Oct. 2000


Mns. Nga, Lhok Sukon, North Acheh

NO Brimob Lhok Sukon SPHQ

A group of Brimob personnel entered the village and conducted very damaging search in several houses without any legal papers that caused many houses were broken and they also tortured a housewife and robbed clothes and shoes from the houses

Serached houses:

  1. Ms. Maryam Latif’s
  2. Ms. In Dahlan’s
  3. Mr. Dahlan’s
  4. Mr. Rusli Jailani’s

Tortured person:

The wife of Mr. Rusli Jailani


17 Oct. 2000


Ruyueng, Banda Acheh

NO Brimob posted at Lingke HQ

Muchlis Ismail was wrongfully arrested and detained by the Brimob when he passed a road block.

Muchlis Ismail, m, 25 yrs


20 Oct. 2000

Cunda, Morth Acheh

NO Brimob’s Gegana special unit posted at Exxon-Mobil’s Gymnasium

Jaffar Ibrahim, a parking man at Cunda parking lot was kidnapped by a group of Brimob’s special unit, Gegana, for unknown reason. His family was not allowed to know his whereabouts

Jaffar Ibrahim, m, 49 yrs, disappeared


21 Oct. 2000


Mns Dayah Tuha, Bayu, North Acheh

NO Brimob from Lhokseumawe HQ

A group of Brimob has illegally abducted a peasant and his fate and whereabouts are unknown

Hamid Richard, m, 45 yrs, disappeared


21 Oct. 2000


Banda Acheh

Intel from Polres

10 personnel of RI intels had kidnapped a restaurant worker and accused him as AGAM’s intel just because he is resident of Cot Keu-eueng village where a gunfight broke out several days ago.

Firdaus Fadhil, m, 27 yrs, disappeared


21 Oct. 2000


Gumpeueng, Mutiara, Pidie

NO Brimob posted at Beureunuen SPHQ

In a sweep operation, the Brimob has shot dead and wounded several innocent civilians. Some of whom were childrens. Two other civilians were also illegally arrested

  1. Muchsalmina, m, 5 yrs, dead
  2. M. Idris Sulaiman, m, 29 yrs, dead
  3. Samsul Bahri (father of Muchsalmina), m, 35 yrs, wounded
  4. Warni, f, 15 yrs, wounded
  5. Zulkarnain, m, 22 yrs, wounded
  6. Sabri, m, detained
  7. Adam, m, detained


21 Oct. 2000


Buloh Blang Ara, North Acheh

NO Army at Buloh Blang Ara Post

A rental motorbike driver who was on the way to deliver his passenger was stopped by the army at the post. After taking his id and all of vehicle document they allowed him to go on to deliver the passenger and told him to come back to get back the papers. But when he did it, he was instantly detained and beaten. After a while, he was taken to the back yard and executed with gunshot. His family appealed for his body but was refused. The army has later dumped his body in a gorge

Abd. Kadir Ismail, m, 40 yrs, dead


21 Oct. 2000


Buloh Blang Ara, North Acheh

NO Army at Buloh Blang Ara Post

A short while after the above incident, another villager has come to his bad day at the post. He was tortured in the head and chest and forced to give up his motorbike

M. Nur Yatim, m, 40 yrs, from Buket


21 Oct. 2000


Madan vlg, Samudra, North Acheh

NO Army at Buloh Samudra Post

NO Army at Buloh Samudra Post conducted an intelligence operation into the village. They shot dead a man (a teacher) in a coffee house because the man looked a little panicked when the troops interrogate him. He was sprayed with bullets and died instantly.

Tgk. Daud Jalil, m, 50 yrs, dead


21 Oct. 2000

Naleueng vlg, Kuta Binjei, East Acheh

NO Army and Brimob from MHQ and SPHQ Kuta Binjei

The joint forces hit squad conducted a search and destroy mission into the village. Villagers were gathered and interrogated under duress such as rifle butts hits. The people of the village were very scared because the previous tragedy about two weeks ago had claimed the lives of 4 of their villagemates. In the madness, the Indonesian security officer heavily tortured those innocent civilians and destroyed a house.

  1. Faisal Yusuf, m, 30 yrs
  2. M. Isa Nurdin, m, 25 yrs
  3. Abdullah Daud, m 30 yrs
  4. Junaidi Rusli, m, 29 yrs
  5. Zakaria Ahmad, m, 40 yrs
  6. A. rajab Abdullah, m, 24 yrs
  7. Rusli Utoh Syam, m, 40 yrs
  8. Jamil Amir, m, 27 yrs
  9. House of Munir


21 Oct. 2000


Sigli, Pidie

NO Brimob from Sigli SPHQ

A young lady who accompanied mothers from villages that protesting the police for their brutal attitude when conducting bloody raid in Geumpung village on the other day, was intimidated and accused of being AGAM member. She was so scared when the NO police threatened to arrest and rape her, that then she managed to escape but pursued by the police. She hopelessly ran away and hid in a store where she was immediately arrested and taken to the Polres HQ where she was reportedly abused sexually.

Zuhra Mahmud, f, 22 yrs, detained and sexually abused


22 Oct. 2000

Blang Nibong, Tanah Pasir, North Acheh

NO Army/Brimob from MHQ/SPHQ Tanah Pasir

Riding on robbed bikes, 60 NO Indonesian security officers went on ‘fishing spree’ in shrimp pools belonged to local peoples where they usually ‘harvested’ the shrimp. An unfortunate pool owner was there when the fishing madness occurred. His pond had no more shrimp in it for it had been harvested. The officers threatened the man to give up Rp 60 millions otherwise meant death. He was only able to give Rp 30 millions to save his life. 

Tgk. Mahmud, m, 52 yrs, Rp 30 millions loss


22 Oct. 2000


Ulee Tanoh, Tanah Pasir, North Acheh

NO Brimob SPHQ Lhoksukon

Three young men, on one motorbike, who had just spent their leisure Saturday night were arrested by the Brimob. Their dead bodies were found in the morning. Victims:

  1. Mawardi Jamil, m, 16 yrs, from Mns. Hung vlg
  2. Iskandar Hassan, m, 20, from Mns. Jok Batee Dua
  3. Irama Hafsul Hajad Zainal, m, 22 yrs, from Ulee Tanoh vlg


22 Oct. 2000

Laweueng, Pidie

NO Brimob Pidie SPHQs

Two more dead bodies of victims of 16 Oct. 2000 incident were recovered in Guha Tujoh (the Seven Caves). Their hands and legs were mutilated. One corpse had two bullet holes in his skull and the other had one hole in the chest and one in the head. The corpse were wrapped in plastic sheets and burned.

Names not available


22 Oct. 2000


Paya Bili, Birem Bayeuen, East Acheh

NO Brimob Polres Langsa HQ

A ‘normal police patrol’ has been conducted in the village by way of shooting into the air. Some panicked peoples managed to run away but become the targets of the police. One villager was shot dead on the spot and three others were arrested and executed along the way.

  1. Nurdin Thaib, m, 46 yrs, dead
  2. Abdullah, m, 32 yrs, dead
  3. Razali Ahmad, m, 45 yrs, dead
  4. Taufik Ali, m, 44 yrs, dead


22 Oct. 2000


Peukan Baro, Pidie

NO Brimob Sigli

Fauzi Mansyah, a village head of Peukan Baro, was told by the Brimob through his family, to show up in Brimob HQ in Sigli within 2 x 24 hours. The Brimob threatened that if he failed to do so, he must face consequency: His house will be burnt. 

Victim: Fauzi Mansyah, m, ?


23 Oct. 2000


Paya Kruet, Nurussalam, East Acheh

NO Army Bat. 312 Siliwangi

The Army has conducted a raid as ‘a normal police operation’ into Paya Kruet village. Four residential houses in the village have been forcefully taken over by the troops and turned them to be their base camps. The owners were driven away. Two young girls, the daughters of one of the owners, were kidnapped in the house.

Owners of the houses:

  1. M. Yusuf Daud, m, 52 yrs
  2. Rabiah Ubit, f, 65 yrs
  3. Abd Muthalleb Affan, m, 30 yrs
  4. Alimin Abdullah, m, 28 yrs

Kidnapped girls:

  1. Erlina Yusuf, f, 17 yrs
  2. Idawati Yusuf, f, 15 yrs

These two girls are daughters of M. Yusuf Daud.


23 Oct. 2000


Pasi Rawa, Sigli, Pidie

NO Army Bat. Rajawali Pasi Rawa HQ

RI Army, with unknown reasons, has burnt some residential houses and shop with everything inside. The troops did not allow the owners to save their belongings.

Houses owners:

  1. Hasbi Umar, m, 45 yrs
  2. Muhd. Amin, m, 60 yrs

Shop owner:

Bustamam Ishak, m, 22 yrs


24 Oct. 2000


Kp. Cot Baroeh/Cot Tunong, Teupin Raya, Geulumpang Tiga, Pidie

Joint Forces of NO Army and Brimob posted at several HQs in Pidie

At about 04 o’clock in the morning, the RI joint forces entered Blang Langgien vlg, Ujong Leubah vlg, and Rinti vlg. All of these entry points are located around Cot Baroh/Cot Tunong villages.

At about 06 o’clock in the morning, one truck of RI troops entered Teupin Raya town and started shooting at anyone they found there and then proceeded to Cot Baroh/Cot Tunong villages where they killed two GAM officers in their own houses after shooting GAM’s radio man. These killer troops retreated at 08 o’clock.

At about 09 o’clock 7 trucks and one panzer of reinforcement troops came in and conducted further search and destroy operation up to the hilly area where many farmers fell victims when they were working in the farms. This troops retreated at 17 o’clock.

At least 34 people have been lost, wounded, or dead. Nine corpses were found in gorges, on the roadsides along the way the RI troops travelled, and in hospital.


  1. Tgk. Yahya, m, 55 yrs, (GAM)
  2. Rusli, m, 22 yrs (GAM)
  3. Saiful, m, 25 yrs
  4. Mukhtar AB, m, ?
  5. Ismail AR, m, 30 yrs
  6. Jafaruddin, m, 25 yrs
  7. M. Thaib Yusuf, m, 35 yrs
  8. Aiyub Nurdin, m, 22 yrs
  9. Azhar Nurdin, m, ?


  1. Kamarullah Gani, m, 18 yrs
  2. M. Yunus, m, 45 yrs
  3. Ma’in, m, 40 yrs
  4. M. Daud Yahya, m, 25 yrs
  5. Mustafa Sulaiman, m, 20 yrs

Still missing (presumably dead):

  1. Abdul Aziz Adam, m, 35 yrs
  2. A. Rahman Abdullah, m, 27 yrs
  3. A. Manaf AR, m, ?
  4. Abubakar Ismail, m, 40 yrs
  5. M. Yani Balukia, m, 15 yrs
  6. M. Yusuf Ishak, m, 30 yrs
  7. Ismail AR, m, 40 yrs
  8. Muzakkir Ali, m, 18 yrs
  9. Tgk. Adam, m, 60 yrs
  10. Tgk. Usman, m, 60 yrs
  11. Helmi Hassan, m, 35 yrs
  12. M. Thaleb Yahya, m, ?
  13. Tgk. Abdullah, m, 55 yrs
  14. Sulaiman Ahmad, m, 45 yrs
  15. A. Gani Hasan, m, 28 yrs
  16. Mohd. Usman, m, 40 yrs
  17. Nurdin Mahmud, m, 15 yrs
  18. Fadli Umar, m, 15 yrs
  19. Sulaiman Abbas, m, 40 yrs
  20. Rusli Beureu-eh, m, 30 yrs


24 Oct. 2000

Paya Bujok and Blang Paseh, Langsa, East Acheh

NO Brimob Langsa

Sweeping by the Brimob in the village has claimed one dead civilian. This man was on his motorbike when he was shot by the Brimob. Four rounds nested in his skull.

Hanafiah Banta, m, 55 yrs, dead


24 Oct. 2000

Keutapang Kawe Uno Calang, West Acheh

NO Brimob SPHQ Calang

On a sweep operation, the Brimob troops have kidnapped two innocent civilians just because the two looked panic when the troops approached them. The victims might have been taken to Meulaboh HQ

  1. Fajri Abdullah
  2. Ifzal Ibrahim


25 Oct. 2000

Titeu Keumala, Pidie

Army Company 113 Lamlo

Cut Ahmad Hasyem (75), a passerby when the army was burning the shops in Keumala (almost all burnt), was stopped and interrogated about the location of GAM HQ. He replied that he does not know anything about that. The troops tortured him by stabbing him with knife and rifle butts and finally he was finished with gunshots.

Cut Ahmad Hasyem, m, 75 yrs, dead


28 Oct. 2000


Sawang, North Acheh

NO Army Bat. 327 Siliwangi

An AGAM member, Ridwan, who was on an off duty leave and was waiting his family at a school, was kidnapped by army members from NO battalion 327 Siliwangi. He was tortured and taken away by the kidnappers. His fate and whereabouts unknown.

Ridwan, m, 42 yrs


28 Oct. 2000


All subregencies in North Acheh, except Muara Dua, Muara Batu, Seunuddon Subregencies

Joint forces: All units of army and police forces from all MHQs and SPHQs in North Acheh, including from vital projects.

A simultaneous attack had been perpetrated by the joint forces in most sub-regencies in North Acheh using assault weapons including mortar shells. Troops were transported with trucks, armored vehicles, and civilians’ cars. They had sorrounded several targets and intensively scrutinized villagers for GAM members. During those brutal interrogations, many civilians were hurt and their belongings were taken or burnt. Some of the victims were also kidnapped. Villagers who had time, had escaped into jungle and adjacent villages where the RI troops was presumed not go.

The modus of torture was the victims were punched, kicked, thumped, hit with rifle butts, and burned with cigarettes.

Disappeared (kidnapped):

  1. Zainal M. Yusuf, m, 30 yrs, from Cot Geulumpang vlg.
  2. Ridwan, m, 42 yrs (see above)
  3. Sulaiman Syam, m, 70 yrs, from Alue Leukot vlg.


  1. Munizar Abubakar, m, 30 yrs, from Pucuk Alue vlg
  2. Budiman Ibrahim, m, 23 yrs, from Blang Pante vlg
  3. Abdullah Sulaiman, m, 33 yrs, from Lueng vlg
  4. Samsul Bahri Usman, m, 36 yrs, from Lueng vlg
  5. Abdul Mutalib Ismail, m, 35 yrs, from Blang Pante vlg
  6. Jafaruddin Ahmad, m, 30 yrs, from Pucok Alue vlg
  7. Kak Dar (Zuriati), f, 33 yrs. She was also sexually harassed.


03 Nov. 2000


Sigli, Pidie

NO Brimob at Polres Pidie

Two civilians were arrested in a sweep operation on the road in front of Sigli Police HQ

  1. Usman Abubakar, m, ?
  2. Muslim, m, ?


03 Nov. 2000

Mns. Mee, North Acheh

NO Army, Security force at Exxon-Mobil, Inc.

The security officers have shot dead a motorist (motorbike) who was traveling on a country road. The ID of the victim was taken by the perpetrators

Name unknown, m


04 Nov. 2000


Cot Baroh, Glp. Minyeuk, Pidie

NO Army and Brimob at several HQs in Pidie

In sweep operations at several police and army posts to deter civilians from coming to Banda Acheh for the first year Referendum Commemoration, two civilians were arrested and detained at Polres Pidie, for unknown reason.

  1. Usman Abubakar, m, 50 yrs, from Cot Baroh vlg., Glp. Minyeuk
  2. Sulaiman, m, 50 yrs, from Kayee Jato vlg., Glp. Minyeuk


04 Nov. 2000


Several locations in Pidie

Army and police at HQs:

Trieng Gadeng
Glp. Minyeuk
Padang Tiji
Simpang Beutong

Army and police at their respective posts stopped all buses and passenger cars and ordered them not to go to Banda Acheh, instead they forced the peoples to go back to where they come from. In the actions, the army and police have brutalized several passengers, immobilized several vehicle by shooting the tires, detained some vehicles so that passengers have to go home on foot, extorted money, and ‘mudding’ road with used car oil.

List cont'd:

Distributed by sources: the Monitoring Team, GAM's intelligence, HR-NGOs and SIRA Team in in Acheh.

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