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JAFAR with bodies

Bodies of the Ide Cut incident taken place at Arakundo River, East Acheh, on February 3, 1999. Villagers are evacuating rotten and burned bodies; hope they can refer them to their relatives before burying. Human rights groups report that this incident was carried by both military and police. Over ten people were killed in this particular incident.
List of Incidents during the Moratorium on Violence, Cont'd

By Jean Michael Hara

human rights activist





I n c i d e n t


How has it happened?


Date & Time




31 January 2001

0400 Hours

Buket Meudang and Matang Seulimeng vlgs, Langsa, East Acheh

Brimob Langsa

Unlawful arrest by Brimob. The victims were arrested in their homes at 0400 hours. Initially, Brimob asked them to follow them to police HQ, but the victims rejected the request because the police officers could not show them arrest warrant. Considered defiant, the victims were beaten and their houses were ransacked in which a unit of motorbike Honda Grand was also taken

  1. Amirullah (34), resident of Buket Meudang, Langsa
  2. Medi Kasmadi (42), resident of Matang Seulimeng, Langsa

The whereabouts of the victims are unknown



01 February 2001

1200 Hours

Paya Deumam, Simpang Ulim, East Acheh

Army from Kodim Langsa

A patrolling unit of army from Langsa tortured a civilian for he gave no satisfactory answer when interrogated by the troops. Enraged army also shot dead one buffalo and injured another cow.

Tortured victim: Eddie Ismail (20)

Livestock owner:

Ibrahim Salem (47):

  1. One dead water buffalo
  2. One injured cow


01 February 2001

1730 Hours

Meurah Mulia, Geudong, North Acheh

Army Jungka Gajah HQ

Non-organic army personnel from Jungka Gajah HQ (Koramil) robbed a motorbike from a civilian, Sofyan Hasballah (35).

Motorbike reg. # BL 5203 KI



02 February 2001

1000 Hours

Simpang Leupee – Exxon-Mobil junction street, North Acheh

Army Exxon-Mobil HQ and Brimob Lhoksukon

A sweeping operation by army near Exxon-Mobil facility has claimed two fatalities on GAM soldiers. Without any provocation nor armed clash, the two GAM soldiers were arrested without any resistant. Two handguns were also confiscated. They were seen still alive at the location. They were arrested at 1030. Their dead bodies were found later at 1500 in Lhokseumawe General Hospital. There were obvious signs of heavy torture and gunshots in their bodies. Chief police claimed that there was an armed clash that was actually none. The GAM soldiers were killed after they surrendered.


  1. Lukaman Mustafa (30), resident of Paloh Punti, Muara Dua, North Acheh
  2. Jaffar Ujud (35), resident of Paloh Punti, Muara Dua, North Acheh


02 February 2001

1030 Hours

Lhoksukon, North Acheh

GAM activists
Brimob Lhoksukon

Two Brimob personnel who were extorting money in a store were shot. One Brimob personnel was dead and the other was injured, while one assault rifle was taken by the attacker. This was a retaliatory attack by GAM whose two activists with 2 guns were arrested and killed half an hour earlier by Brimob and army at Exxon-Mobile junction street.

Realizing that their friends have fallen as victims, the other Brimob personnel from HQ ran amock. 170 houses, stores, shops, and kiosks were burned by Brimob leaving hundreds of city dwellers homeless



02 February 2001

1030 Hours

Ladong, Greater Acheh

Brimob Banda Acheh

Brimob in civilian clothes arrested Mr. Muhammad, a GAM suspect, in Ladong. He was then killed and his dead body was recovered in the next day.

Muhammad (50), resident of Blang Krueng, Darussalam, Greater Acheh



03 February 2001

1930 Hours

Idi Rayeuk, East Acheh

Brimob Idi Rayeuk

At a roadblock, Brimob killed a civil servant, Mr. Muhammad (50) who worked for Regency office



03 February 2001

1930 Hours

Idi Cut, East Acheh

Brimob Idi Cut

At a roadblock, Brimob killed a fisherman, Mr. Muhammad Nasir (22).



03 February 2001

1930 Hours

Mns. Kubang, Garôt, Indrajaya, Pidie

Brimob Polres Sigli

Yusria Z. Abidin (18), a mechanic, was tortured by Brimob with rifle butts and stomped. He lost 4 front teeth. Brimob also took away a motorbike of his. The Brimob were unsatisfied with his work repairing the Brimob’s motorbike.



04 February 2001

1400 Hours

Meureudu, Pidie

Brimob Meureudu

After an armed clash with AGAM, panicked Brimob fired bullet randomly and killed a civilian. Frustated Brimob also burned down 11 houses and abducted 9 innocent civilian. Two motorbikes were also taken by Brimob.

Dead: Nasrul (30), resident of Gampông Kulam, Kuta Reuntang, Meureudu.


  1. Syarifuddin (40), resident of Buloh Trienggadeng, Meureudu
  2. Sulaiman (30), idem
  3. Mansur Aji (35), resident of Lampoh Lada
  4. Zainuddin Ibrahim (30), resident of Beuracan, Meureudu
  5. Musliadi Jamil (21), idem
  6. Mustapha Gade (25), idem
  7. M. Daud (40), resident of Teupin Peuraho
  8. Abdullah (30), resident of Pangwa
  9. Sulaiman (40), resident of Rumpun, Meureudu
Owners of burned building:

Names and addresses available with monitoring team.

7 civilian were released on 06 February 2001. They still hold 2 others (dead or alive, unknown)



04 February 2001

1000 Hours

Matang Keupanji, Lhoksukon

Army Siliwangi Batt. 327

The army killed a civilian and burned down a house in a sweeping in the village.

Dead: Jailani (28)



04 February 2001

1600 Hours

Teupin Raya, Pidie

Brimob Sigli

At a roadblock in Teupin Raya, two civilian were tortured by Brimob. They are in critical condition. Their motorbike was taken by Brimob.


  1. Anshari Puteh (25), resident of Cot Tunong Glp. III
  2. Nurdin M. Nur (260, resident of Paloh Garot.


05 February 2001

0900 Hours

Mns. Raya Sanggeue, Pidie

Brimob Sigli

Abducted and tortured and taken by Brimob to Police HQ in Sigli. Accused as GAM activist


Din Syech Jacob (45)



05 February 2001

1345 Hours

Simpang Mulieng, North Acheh

Army Siliwangi Batt. 327

A civilian was killed in a sweep operation by army


Ibrahim Ben (25), resident of Lhok Asan, Peunteuet.



05 February 2001

1200 Hours

Idi, East Acheh

Army Idi Rayeuk

One senior citizen, Abdul Wahab Yahya (60) resident of Gampong Jawa, Idi Rayeuk, was abducted by army and his whereabouts is unknown




05 February 2001

1200 Hours

Peureulak, East Acheh

1500 villagers from Teumpheuen, Kabu, Paya Seungat, and Beuringen (all in subdistrict Peureulak) sought refuge in Zadul Muadz Mosque in Peureulak for fear that Indonesian security forces has repeatedly entered the villages and committed atrocities and even now the Indonesians troops has established a new post in Teumpheuen.



05 February 2001

0800 Hours

Morning market, Blang Pidie, South Acheh

Army Tangan-tangan HQ

A fish monger was badly tortured by army. Hospitalized


Ilyas (22), resident of Ië Lhop, Tangan-tangan, South Acheh



05 February 2001

1500 Hours

Simpang Palapa, Lhokseumawe, North Acheh

Brimob Lhokseumawe

Arbitrary arrest and detention of one resident of Mns Tambo Mesjid Meuraxa, Blang Mangat, North Acheh, by Brimob.

Muhammad (22) is missing.




05 February 2001

1800 Hours

Alue Awee, Muara Dua, North Acheh

Brimob Blang Mangat

Arbitrary arrest and detention of two youths by Brimob:

  1. Ismail Muhammad (20)
  2. Idris Abubakar (16)




05 February 2001

1900 Hours

Durueng vlg, Krueng Raya, Greater Acheh

Brimob Banda Acheh

Arbitrary arrest and detention of a villager, M. Nasir.




06 February 2001

1400 Hours

Idi Rayeuk, East Acheh

Unidentified person
Army Idi Rayeuk HQ

An organic army captain on patrol was shot dead by two unidentified person. GAM claimed no responsibility on the incident. Tension between non organic Brimob and organic army is very high in this area.

After the shooting, army conducted a sweep operation in Idi Rayeuk, in which army has brutalized 3 civilian and burned down 8 shops


  1. Capt. Husaini
  2. Razali Ali (45) resident of Kuta Blang Idi
  3. Hanafiah Arsyad (35), idem
  4. Sulaiman Waki (37), idem


06 February 2001

Kutacane, Southeast Acheh

- Unidentified

The office of Regency (Kantor Bupati) of Southeast Acheh was set afire by unidentified persons. Reports by newspaper said that the perpetrators might be those who weren’t satisfied with results of new recruitment in the office due to corruption and nepotism.



07 February 2001

0900 Hours

Keudee Acheh Banda Sakti Lhokseumawe North Acheh

Army and Police Lhokseumawe HQs

Military operation by Indonesian joint forces has resulted in one dead civilian and score of others injured. The Indonesians also torched 8 houses.

Victims: Dead: Mahdi Hasbi


  1. Saifuddin Jamil (28) was unlawfully arrested and is missing
  2. Syafruddin Dolami (22)
  3. Bukhari Mahmud (21)
  4. Firman Nurdin (21)
  5. Yusrizal (22)
  6. Ferry Usman (18)

Owners of torched houses:

  1. Dolami Hanafiah (52)
  2. Saiful Banta Safari (25)
  3. Helmi (38)
  4. Muhammad Daud (58)
  5. Ummi Salamah (65)
  6. Ilyas Ahmad (32)
  7. Muslem Thaleb (25)
  8. Mahmuddin Husen (55)


08 February 2001

1030 Hours

Tapaktuan, South Acheh

Hamdani, ex military police (now police informant) in Tapaktuan

A member of monitoring team, Tgk. Al-Kamal, was badly hit by Mr. Hamdani who is an operation helper for military/police in Tapaktuan. The incident was occurring in front of RI delegation, UNDP and HDC representatives. The perpetrator closed in and asked the victim if he is a GAM representative. The victim answered that he is a member of neutral monitoring team, not GAM nor RI. All in a suddent Mr. Hamdani released a punch to the head of the victim who immediately passed out and needed hospitalization.



08 February 2001

1400 Hours

Banda Acheh

Undercover Brimob

A young man, Zakia Ishari Alfata (24), a college student, was about to find a buyer for his motorbike. A group of undercover Brimob approached and asking the who the owner of the motorbike. The owner replied that it is his and the Brimob asked the document. The same was true for the owner who then also requested the ID of the cops in civilian clothes. Considered the boy is defiant, a cop pulled out a handgun. Scared , the boy fled on his motorbike and the cop shot him. Bullet nested in the buttock. He kept fleeing until he passed out near a beach where he was then rescued by the Red Cross.



08 February 2001

1500 Hours

Banda Acheh

Brimob Punge HQ Banda Acheh

Five Red Cross volunteers were on their way back in an ambulance from resquing Zakia Ishari Alfata, a shooting victim. When they were passing the non organic Brimob post in Punge, they were stopped and searched for ID. They were all harassed and one of them was hit in the chest.


  1. Suburhan
  2. Firmansyah
  3. Surya Dharma
  4. Syamsuddin
  5. Sony Octavianus (hit in the chest)

08 February 2001

0515 Hours

Seulimum, Greater Acheh Brimob Seulimum

A team of Brimob unlawfully arrested a civilian and beat his wife at dawn in Seulimum.

The victims:

  1. Tgk. Abdul Manaf (57) missing
  2. Abdul Manaf’s wife (47) swollen face

List of incidents; Cont'd

List cont'd:
Distributed by sources: the Monitoring Team, GAM's intelligence, HR-NGOs and SIRA Team in Acheh
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