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JAFAR with bodies

Brutally killed. A civilian dead shot at a massacre on March 5, 1999; taken place at paper factory (KRAFT Acheh) inter-section or known as a "Simpang KKA" North Acheh. Sixty civilians reported killed and many others injured.
List of Incidents during the Moratorium on Violence, Cont'd

By Jean Michael Hara

human rights activist





Incident Date & Time

Incident Location


How has it happened?



17-18 January 2001

0700-1830 Hours




Paloh Punti and Paya Bili villages, Muara Dua, North Acheh

Army (Kostrad), Mariners, and Brimob from vital projects (Exxon-Mobile and PT. Arun) and Lhokseumawe HQs

A joint operation (3 companies) was launched in the villages to find GAM activists. Many villagers were tortured to extract information on GAM’s whereabouts. Four people were killed and 4 others were badly injured. 

Note: The armed clash diminished with night fall. Both sides withdrew their troops.

The victims were:


  1. Muhammad Abdullah, 35, male, resident of Paya Bili, dead (AGAM soldier)
  2. Ridwan Nurdin, 16, male, resident of Paya Bili, dead
  3. On the next day, the fighting continued, but there was no victim on both sides. However, Brimob from Lhokseumawe abducted two civilian at Cunda, near Lhokseumawe and dumped their dead bodies in Paloh Punti (where the armed clash occurred), some 22 kms away, and claimed that those bodies were AGAM personnel died in the clash.

  4. Surya Ibrahim (Donny), 25, male, resident Hagu Teungoh village, Lhokseumawe, dead
  5. Anonymous, male, residency unknown, dead


  1. Abdul Muthallib Usman, 27, male, resident of Paloh Punti, injured
  2. Hanafiah Abdul Muthallib, 25, male, resident of Paloh Punti, injured
  3. Ilyas Abdul Muthallib, 23, male, resident of Paloh Punti, injured
  4. Razali M. Nur, 35, male, resident of Paloh Punti, injured

At 1705 o’clock, after there were many casualties among villagers, one unit of GAM soldiers (12 personnel) came down from its HQ and launched a counter attack, in which several Indonesian troops fell victim.


17 January 2001

1400 Hours

Ladong, Greater Acheh

Brimob Banda Acheh and an Arrow

Brimob with the help of an arrow (pointer) conducted a sweep operation in Ladong and arrested and detained 4 local civilians:

  1. Burhanunndin, 25, male
  2. Rahimuddin, 24, male
  3. Muslim, 31, male
  4. M. Fukri, 21, male

These detainee, after receiving brutal torture, were dumped in Lam Bideung village some 10 kms away.

The arrow was Ikbal, the son of Zulkifli (also an arrow)


17 January 2001

1400 Hours



Bumi Flora vlg, Idi, East Acheh

Brimob from Idi

RI security force swept over the village. At 1500 o’clock, the RI security force burned houses in which 4 villagers were burned. The victims:

  1. Sofyan, 25, male
  2. Aris Fadhilah, 21, male
  3. Irwandi, 21, male
  4. M. Jalil, 30, male

Two of the victims are still in critical condition.

In such raid to the village, RI troops also wrongfully arrested and tortured Syamaun. His wife insisted to go with him. The whereabouts of Mr. Syamaun and his wife are still unknown.


18 January 2001

1400 Hours


UPDATE of case # 16

Bumi Flora vlg, Idi, East Acheh

Brimob from Idi

Arsonage continued on the next day (night) in that half Javanese and half Achenese inhabited village. Seven more houses were burned by RI troops with the help of local Javanese who have been trained by RI security forces as pro-RI militia. In this arsonage, 3 people were burned to death while score of others were injured.

Dead victims:

  1. Azhar, 29, male
  2. M. Nur, 31, male
  3. M. Ali Fakhrul, 36, male

The owners of the houses (some were injured):

  1. Habibah Yusuf, 55, female
  2. Mariah Hasballah, 60, female
  3. Yassin Rahmat, 43, male
  4. Muhammad Kaoy, 30, male
  5. Yani Ismail, 33, male
  6. Muhammad Ibrahim, 59, male
  7. Nurdin Muhammad, 38, male

Those 7 families have been becoming IDPs at a boarding school in Keudee Geureubak vlg, Idi.


18 January 2001

1100 Hours

Langsa Police HQ (Polres)

Brimob/Police Langsa HQ

The Police and its combat unit (Brimob) conducted a roadblock search in the front of HQ. They searched GAM suspects in buses and other vehicles. Scores of people have been unlawfully detained after which two of the abducted were found DEAD in Langsa hospital.

The victims:

  1. Hanafiah Manyak, 48, male, resident of Bayeuen, Ranto Bayeun, East Acheh
  2. Ridhwan Abdullah, 52, male, resident of Bayeuen, Ranto Bayeun, East Acheh

These victims had no means connection with GAM


19 January 2001

1615 Hours

Mns. Teungoh vlg, Beutong, West Acheh

Brimob from Beutong HQ

Swept over the villages of Ulee Jalan and Mns. Teungoh. In this case, score of people have been missing, including the village chief, after being takeb by the Brimob. Their whereabouts are still unknown.

We have been able to identify two of them:

  1. M. Yasin, 35, male, Chief of Mns. Teungoh village
  2. Anto, 35, male, resident of Mns. Teungoh village

The rest are still unknown.


19 January 2001

1130 Hours

Pulo U and Beuriweuk vlg, Meureudu, Pidie

Army and Brimob from Meureudu HQs

Several villagers have been wrongfully arrested and detained in a sweeping operation in villages around Meureudu town. In the action, the Indonesian security forces also robbed 7 villagers’ motorbike and destroyed two others with gunshots


  1. Abdul Saad M. Gade, 32, male, resident of Kp. Puloe U
  2. Asmadi Mukhtar, 21, male, resident of Kp. Puloe U
  3. Ismail Basyah, 25, male, resident of Kp. Puloe U
  4. Amiruddin Andid, 19, male, resident of Kp. Puloe U
  5. M. Yusuf Ismail, 17, male, resident of Kp. Puloe U
  6. Muhammad Isa, 35, male, resident of Kudrang vlg
  7. Bakhtiar, 21, male, resident of Kudrang vlg

Detained at Polsek Meuereudu on the first day. Transported to Sigli the next day. Their fate unknown.

The owners of robbed motorbikes:

  1. Jailani, Honda Supra Reg. # BL 6506 KC
  2. Saiful Bahri, Honda GL-Pro Reg. # BL 3113 PG
  3. Zarkasyi, Honda GL-Pro Reg. # BL 4621 PJ
  4. Tarmizi, Honda Astrea Prima Reg. # BL 3538 KE
  5. Ismail Sabi, Honda Grand Reg. # BL 96 PJ
  6. Marzuki, Honda Astrea Prima Reg. # BL 4861 P
  7. Amirullah, Honda 70

The owners of shot motorbikes:

  1. Muhammad Isa, Honda Reg. # BL 6396 PG
  2. Mohammad Latief, Honda Grand.


19 January 2001

1000 Hours

Wira Lano, Ltd warehouse, Langsa

Brimob from Wira Lano, Ltd.

The warehouse of Wira Lano is located near highway Medan-Banda Acheh and concrete fenced. When the Brimob conducts search on vehicles, they did it in the compound. Vehicles were requested to enter the compound.

REPORT of a bus driver (His ID was secured):

He swore that he saw at least two torture victims in the compound. Both were female. One them was already dead and the other was still crucified (her palms nailed to a piece of wood).


20 January 2001

1700 Hours

Beusu vlg, Mutiara, Pidie

Joint forces of Army (Kodim) and Brimob (Polres) Sigli


Launched a military operation to annihilate GAM activists, which had been withdrawn to their bases in jungles. In the operation, a truck driver: Mr. Abdul Wahab, has been tortured and now in very critical condition at a local hospital.


20 January 2001

1715 Hours


Kp. Blang Geulumpang and Idi Rayeuk, East Acheh Army Bat. 145 Balau from Buket Leusong, Brimob from Bagok, Brimob from Julok, and Brimob from Idi HQs

Roadblock search in several locations:

The RI joint forces have committed atrocity on civilian during their operation such as money extortion and brutality. Among victims were:

  1. Safrizal Abubakar, 25, male, trader, resident of Kp. Kelapa, Idi. Beaten and extorted
  2. Razali, 45, male, teacher, resident of Idi Rayeuk. Extorted and fired upon when he refused to give up all money he had and sped away with his motorbike. He escaped death.



Army HQ Ulee Gle, Pidie

Army Ulee Gle HQ, Pidie

At a roadblock in the front of Army HQ in Ulee Glee, two motorists were detained by army unit. They and their motorbike were still missing.
List cont'd:
Distributed by sources: the Monitoring Team, GAM's intelligence, HR-NGOs and SIRA Team in Acheh
List Cont'd
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