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THE ACHEH TIMEScoverage, the latest report summary

Acheh Monitoring Team Slain

Thursday, March 29 After the announcement by RI top leaders that a limited military operation would be launched in Acheh. Although the plan was later 'canceled', but in reality the operation has been started even before the announcement was made.
By Jean Michael Hara


'The brutal attitude of the Indonesian security forces has resulted in fatalities today (March 29th, 2001) in South Acheh. This case is likely more related to rape cases and the homicides perpetrated by Brimob there the monitoring team was trying to investigate.'   HE BEHAVIOR OF THE INDONESIAN ARMED forces including the police has also obviously changed to be more aggressive and uncontrolled. There have been scores of new victims among civilian since then. Not only that, even the monitoring team for peace dialogue and Henry Dunant Center (HDC) personnel have also been targeted ranging from brutal harassment to fatal shooting.


On March 27th 2001, a convoy of monitoring team and one HDC staff were brutally harrassed by KOSTRAD of Batallion 121 and 122 from Exxon-Mobil. The convoy was stopped at gunpoint near Cot Matahe hill. All of passengers in those three cars were ordered to pull out and lie down on the dirt and there was no exception for the HDC staff. They were cursed with very bad words angun barrels were put against the head of each of them. Dr. Yusni Sabi, MA., the most senior person in the group, received the worst treatment. He was ordered to roll down into a dried ditch full with cow dung. The big "Peace Through Dialogue" sticker logo on the cars were torn apart by the angry troops. Only after the HDC staff made a phone call to the army commander in Banda Acheh did the troops released and let them proceed.

One day before (March 26th 2001), the HDC staff and other monitoring team members had been harassed by Indonesian Mariner in Blang Panyang North Acheh. The mariner hauled dirty words towards the team and kicked the cars.


The brutal attitude of the Indonesian security forces has resulted in fatalities today (March 29th, 2001) in South Acheh. This case is likely more related to rape cases and the homicides perpetrated by Brimob there the monitoring team was trying to investigate. The victims were staff of monitoring team for South Acheh. They were actually have been in hiding after they received a good number of death threats. Mr. Tgk. Al-Kamal had already experienced the brutality before his assasination. About two months ago, when he attended the Humanitarian Pause socializing program at a local radio station, in which event also appeared the representative of UNDP, Mr. Tgk. Al-Kamal was hit by a man who has close tie with Brimob. He was passed out and needed hospitalization.

On March 28th 2001, Mr. Tgk. Al-Kamal, the head of monitoring team in South Acheh, was summoned by South Acheh Police Chief, Leut. Col. Ali Husein. Mr. Tgk. Al-Kamal fulfilled the summon today (March 29th, 2001). He departed from Blang Pidie where he lived accompanied by a lawyer, Mr. Suprin, SH, and the HDC's driver, Mr. Amiruddin. The interrogation was finished in the afternoon and the trio headed back to Blang Pidie. According to eyewitnesses (student volunteers in South Acheh) Mr. Tgk. Al-Kamal's car (Panther Isuzu) was obviously followed by a car (also a Panther Isuzu, dark colored). When they reached a place called 'Bukt Alu Klit' (Alu Klit Hill), Mr. Tgk. Al-Kamal was apparently stopped by the chaser. Student activists heard 4 gun blasts from the distance at about 1600 hours. When people approached the site, they saw the car that followed Mr. Tgk. Al-Kamal's car returned back towards Tapaktuan. The eyewitnesses saw there was Monitoring Team car parked on the road brim with the doors opened. Next to the car, lied two dead bodies with blood pouring out from their heads. Another corpse was found in the car with similar wound.

When we check this news out with the hospital, the dead bodies have arrived at the Tapaktuan General Hospital at 1845 hours. Mr. Tgk. Al-Kamal's sister who lives in Tapaktuan, when we checked her, informed us that Police Chief in Tapaktuan had called her to pick up the bodies at about 1700 hours.

According to one informant, but not yet verified, the perpetrators used a confiscated car in their action. The car actually belongs to Mr. Tgk. Zulkarnaen Aden and was confiscated by Police's Brimob about a half year ago. At the time of incident, the car was bearing register number BL 468 TP and, still according to the informant who claimed kept monitoring the car, then reg number changed to BL 94 TB after the killing. This info came from someone in Tapaktuan. It might be true, or, it might have come from someone to distort the case.

Distributed by sources: the Monitoring Team, GAM's intelligence, HR-NGOs and SIRA Team in in Acheh. For confirmation, please contact the Monitoring Team for Security Matter and/or the Henry Dunant Center at Kuala Tripa Hotel (0651-24737) Banda Acheh.



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