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We don't blame on unity
Note: This Poem is about Achenese who have been suffered under the Indonesian colony for more than 54 years




By S. Arif



"We do not blame on unity, but we do not want it anymore." S. ARIEF, a poet


IFFERENT but one is unity
Based on unity we lived in harmony
We are brothers and sisters as if in family
Share things together cause we are unity

Once we were strong, giving hand helping you
Did not think ourselves, just caring for you
Once we were rich, we're always there supporting you
Proud of unity, happy together with you

Our life was so simple and slow
Time went on we stayed poor and low
Our strength decayed and wealth as well so
The heavy unity was there for us to go

We hoped the unity look at us a little bit (but it did not..)
It is a hard life, share with us just part of it (but it did not..)
Now we are weak, hold us and do not cheat (but it did..)
Come here see us but not to exploit (but it did..)

With the unity our land is also yours
When our life is simple you are glad that it is a resource
We struggle for peace life, we work here, the land is ours
You are welcome to enjoy it though we have never enjoyed yours

Suddenly unity stands there above everything
You are free to come, to take and do many things
Either poisoning, burning, beating or killings
Just last few weeks when he said: for the sake of unity you can do anything!

We do not blame on unity but we do not want it anymore
It is our house, it is our land, but you come and kill us more and more
It is time for struggle, that is our only task, nothing more
We are tired of hypocrit people, no.., no more..!

Enschede, Oktober 27, 2000
S. Arif