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A structure on the Washington Mall, in Washington D.C., over five hundred feet tall, built in the nineteenth century in honor of George Washington. In shape it is an obelisk a four-sided shaft with a pyramid at the top.

Achenese Struggle Monument Project


N REMEMBRANCE of long Achenese struggles, The Acheh Times is organizing information and calling people who have ideas, insights to participate in this project; what need to be done to establish a successful Achenese Struggle Monument.

The essence of the monument presents the intensity of life hardship of Achenese under Indonesian brutalities, which take over thirty five thousands of Achenese have been killed, hundreds of women raped, thousands are missing and tortured and stolen their poverties by the Indonesian military. The Achenese Struggle Monument is a reflection of the whole range of a long Achenese suffering since it was colonized by Dutch up to the present.


"One of the most dynamic objects that can tell us about the history is a monument, it makes us remember of our pasts for a better future."


We need your help and would be happy to hear from you.

Please fill up this form if you have some suggestions and insights for this work

1. If you could design a monument in all of your power, how are you going to execute it, so that the building reflects Achenese struggles?
Note: (if you need to send us  sketches of your design or anything in picture for idea, please send them in JPG or Gif format to
2. Do you have information on books that we can take a look as a reference? Please check one.
  Yes         No
If you say "Yes" Please fill up these box(s); and simply type "None" if you can't fill up all of those box.
1. Book title and author 
2. Book title and author 
3. Book title and author 
4. Book title and author 
5. Book title and author 

3. Do you have name of people whom we can contact for further assistance and insights? Please check one

  Yes         No

4. How do you feel about the idea executing this monument? Please check one.

  It has to be done; I'm excited  and will help in anyway I can to make the project comes into being.
  It sounds pretty good idea, but I'm not sure if I can help.
  I don't really think that the project is important.

5. If you know that project has to be done, what kinds of help would you like to contribute to make this project comes into reality?

  Some money or materials or even some physical helps.

  Promoting the project and get people involved.


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